Amoako-Attah, Hon. Sly Tetteh, Dr. Dampare, Please Kasoa Lives Matter


Good Day, Hon. Amoako-Attah, Minister for Roads and Transport, Hon. Sly Tetteh, Mp for Ngleshie Amanfrom our Hardworking Action-Man IGP, Dr. Dampare.

I bring you warm greetings from my noble town, Kasoa.

My name is Patrick Baah Abankwa, a savings advocate, a social commentator, and a proud son of Kasoa.

Sirs, My family moved from Darkuman to Galilea on the Accra-Kasoa route in 1998, and I’ve lived in Kasoa since then.

Kasoa is a fine, cosmopolitan neighbourhood with a diverse range of residential and commercial activities.

As a proud son of the land, I wish to dispel the “bad” media reports about Kasoa.

Just as you will find bad nuts in any growing community, Kasoa is no exception.

We’ve had our fair share of media blowback over the years, but I’m here this morning to tell you about a different story, one that involves the Kasoa Tuba Tollbooth.

Sirs, the Kasoa Toll Booth crisis has escalated into a national security concern for me.

Before the historic suspension of the toll, the driving distance between Mallam Junction and Kasoa overpass was roughly 30 to 45 minutes, with occasional stoppages at Weija Junction, Old Barrier, and SCC Junction.

However, with the stoppage of toll collection, the situation has deteriorated and is posing a serious threat to the indigenes’ health.

Since November 2021, the average time spent at the toll booth has increased to 45 minutes.

The sad aspect of this narrative is that the traffic starts piling up as early as 4 pm!!!

Sirs, this is unacceptable, and we, the people of Kasoa, deserve better!

Despite the Police’s multiple interventions each evening, the situation does not appear to be improving.

The bus stop has been moved further from its original location by the toll police, but the traffic situation has not changed.

The problem extends beyond the bus stop.

Just after the tollbooth collection points, there are two speed ramps that slow the automobiles down. Because one of these ramps has deteriorated, all vehicles slow down, even more, when they reach it.

Removing the two speed ramps and installing a traffic light, in my opinion, will assist alleviate the situation.

There are two lanes before the tollbooth collection point. It abruptly expands to five lanes before reverting to two lanes. As the cars get into position for the two lanes after the toll booth collection sites, an unnecessary delay situation rears its head again. Sirs, please accept this as the finest plain English explanation I can provide.

I believe the police can once again erect barricades to prevent the number of lanes from changing from two to five and back to two.

As a result, I’m pleading with you to take this subject up as soon as possible in order to alleviate the load.

Kasoa lives matter, Sirs, and I know you care about every life in this country.

I shall return with praise and thanksgiving when the situation improves.

Mr. Patrick Baah Abankwa, your Savings Tutor, is a proud Kaslander!

Long Live Ghana, Long Live Kasoa!!

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