Employee Satisfaction Report: 49% of Ghanaians likely to leave their current employer in the next 6 months


49% of Ghanaians have said that they are likely to leave their current employer in the next 6 months, 13% say they do not have plans of leaving their employers while 38% of Ghanaian employees say they are not sure of leaving or staying with their current employer.

This was revealed in a recent employee satisfaction survey carried out by Ghana’s number one online recruitment and human resource company, Jobberman Ghana.

“According to the research we conducted for this employee satisfaction report, it was disclosed that various key traits contribute to the decisions and choices of employees from diverse industries in Ghana. In considering what an ideal company is to the ordinary Ghanaian employee, strong, relatable company values and goals were ranked the most important external trait, while the financial stability of a company was ranked the most intrinsic trait that respondent employees in Ghana desire,” said Hilda Nimo-Tieku – Head Of Sales at Jobberman Ghana.

The report cited that most employees in Ghana are neutral about their happiness levels and pose a high flight risk, but they would recommend their current employer.

Responses also reflected that employees in Ghana do not consider remote work as one of the traits they look out for from their current employer or even their future employer.

The Jobberman Ghana Employee Satisfaction Report unpacks employee satisfaction among Ghanaian employees and explores themes around external and intrinsic traits, employee happiness, flight risk, employer advocacy, job satisfaction and delves into insights based on age, gender, location, job level, and work experience for a demographic overview. The report serves as a call-to-action for employers to evaluate the fundamental factors that foster employee satisfaction for both current and future employees.

“The Employee Satisfaction Report the report has provided crucial market insights which can be used as a guideline for employers to prioritize employee satisfaction in the workplace and improve productivity and overall long-term organizational success,” added Nimo-Tieku.

A free copy of Jobberman Ghana’s employee satisfaction report may be downloaded here: https://www.jobberman.com.gh/research

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