Leaders must be part of solutions not problems – Fan Milk MD 

FanMilk PLC’s Managing Director, Ziobeieton Yeo, has charged business leaders to always strive to be part of solutions and not problems.
Ziobeieton Yeo, Managing Director of FanMilk PLC
  • …as he wins Ghana’s Most Respected CEO Award

FanMilk PLC’s Managing Director, Ziobeieton Yeo, has charged business leaders to always strive to be part of solutions and not problems. According to Yeo, a leader’s attitude to work and employees as well as management style are crucial to success of the organisation, and great leaders are always looking for ways to serve their people better.

Mr. Yeo said this in a conversation with B&FT after winning ‘Ghana’s Most Respected CEO – Food Manufacturing’ category at the recently-held Ghana Industry CEO Awards.

The 2021 Ghana Industry CEO Awards, organised by the Business Executive Magazine, are aimed at identifying and publicly recognising the most outstanding chief executives in corporate Ghana across a wide range of sectors.

“The Most Respected CEO award is presented to me, but in truth it is actually for the people of Fan Milk.  I see it as encouragement to continue leading by example and making sure as leaders we are part of the solution and not the problem,” he said – adding that he is elated and attributes the success to teamwork.

“This award is recognition of the great work by the people of Fan Milk. A leader is the sum of the people. So, I take this opportunity to say this: beyond me, it is the great work our people have been doing that is being recognised now,” he said

He added that the recognition is also a call to double-down in the many spaces they find themselves, especially the market space – where they are obliged to invent and try to be better and remain in first position. “Certainly, this is an encouragement by the people of Ghana to say keep up what you are doing, we are seeing the impact; and as employees of Fan Milk, we receive it in good faith and we appreciate it,” he reiterated

Another award

Mr. Yeo was also honoured as the ‘Captain of Industry with the most outstanding contribution to marketing’ during the 2021 Marketing World Awards (MWA) in Ghana.

Speaking on that also, he said marketing is all about serving the needs of people and that is exactly what they do at Fan milk – adding that this will propel the Fan Milk marketing community in Ghana and Nigeria to put out greater innovations and remain competitive.

The MWAs celebrate organisations and individuals which have exhibited excellence in upholding concrete marketing strategies, displayed uniqueness of offerings and conveyed a clear message to its consumers to stand out from the competition.

Mr. Yeo told B&FT that his greatest achievement is not necessarily the million-dollar categories of brands he has worked on throughout his career as a business leader, but rather the more leaders he was able to help unearth and develop.

“I would say potential MDs became MDs, potential directors became directors; people on the shop floor became managers because some way, somehow, our paths crossed. People have given me the opportunity to see their potentials and contribute to elevating their potential. So frankly – from Senegal to Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa, Kenya and here in Ghana – if you ask me what I am really proud of, it is the people that I have helped to develop, to realise their full potentials and be the leaders they are today,” he said.

Commenting on Danone’s commitment to investing in Ghana and Africa, he noted that the plan is to touch and transform people’s lives and bring health through food to as many people as possible.​

“Danone is the mother company of Fan Milk, and we are committed to Africa in general and West Africa in particular. Danone is definitely here for good.  Fan Milk is 61-years old, and from the very beginning our company has always had a dual mission: a social mission and an economic mission – creating economic growth. We will not stop the investment, and we will do everything possible to remain relevant for consumers,” he stressed

Outlook for 2022

Regarding Danone and Fan Milk’s outlook for 2022 in Ghana and the West African region, he said as a dynamic company they are looking forward to having a great 2022. “When I look at the plan and things that the team want to do for 2022, there are great things in line – from how we engage consumers, the shopper and the innovations we are going to put out. I am positive for a great year,” he ended.  

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