Ghana Chinese Enterprises Chamber of Commerce supports Ga East Municipal Hospital

CECCG Ga East Municipal Hospital
Mr. Xia Dedong (3rd right) presenting the cheque to Mr. Oduro-Mensah with Mr. Li Guoqiang (4th left) General Secretary, CECCG and other officials look on.

The Ghana Chinese Enterprises Chamber of Commerce (CECCG) as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has kept supporting the Ga East Municipal Hospital.

It was also to support the undertaking of renovation works and show appreciation to staff members for their immense contribution to the fight against COVID-19 over the past year.

Mr. Xia Dedong, President of Chinese Enterprises Chamber of Commerce,  also known as MD of China Energy International Group Company Limited Ghana Branch, , DMD of China Energy International Group Northwest Africa, said since the outbreak of the pandemic in two years ago in Ghana, the Chamber launched the initiative “Sticking Together as one Family in the same Boat”, and immediately purchased 2000 N95 masks and 5000 bottles of hand-wash soaps and hand sanitizer before the lockdown, and donated them directly to local underprivileged groups.

“In addition, the Chamber’s members also actively donated more than twenty times in helping Ghana fight the COVID-19 pandemic”, he explained.

Dr. Ebenezer Oduro-Mensah, Medical Superintendent, Ga East Municipal Assembly, lauded CECCG for the kind gesture and promised the funds donated will be put into good use.

The Ghana Chinese Enterprises Chamber of Commerce (CECCG) was founded on February 27, 2007 in Accra, Ghana, It is dedicated to serving Chinese enterprises in Ghana as a non-profit social organization. At present, the Chamber of Commerce has more than 70 member enterprises, mainly from large state-owned enterprises, local state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, covering trade, contracted engineering, fisheries, services, communications, manufacturing, medicine and other fields.

Since its establishment, the Chamber of Commerce has closely monitored development and cooperation between China and Africa. Chamber has been guiding Chinese enterprises to uphold the Greater Good and Self-Interest, implement the principle of “Sincerity, Real Results, Affinity, and Good Faith” towards Africa. It has also encouraged and ensured members adhere to good faith, abide by the law, standardize business operations etc..

The Chamber does not only provide members with a wide platform for communication and exchange, but also shares the much needed information detailing business opportunities while promoting interaction between Chinese and Ghanaian business communities in a bid to boost cooperation between China and Ghana in many fields, including economy, trade, tourism, socio-cultural, and science and technology. According to statistics from the first half of 2020, there are nearly 60 projects in construction being undertaken by various members of the Chamber of Commerce, creating more than 15,000 jobs in Ghana, which has greatly promoted local employment and economic development in Ghana.

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