Agilitee Africa launches AI tool for social media users 


Africa’s emerging green technology giant, Agilitee Africa has introduced another groundbreaking tool for social media users; the first AI phone holder developed on the continent. 

This solution, a product called Tarsier by Agilitee, targets vloggers, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook users and other live streaming service providers. 

This product has a full AI face and motion sensor with 360 degrees autonomous rotation, which enables the camera to follow the user and still capture the best possible angle. 

The Chief Executive of Agilitee Africa, Dr. Mandla Lamba, explaining the functions of the product observed that “for the first time, you do not have to stand at one place or angle while addressing your viewers or fans and your hands can be free at last.”

He said it can easily switch to a horizontal and vertical angle as the user deems fit, and it has a very high precision algorithm for AI telematics for face recognition and AI Humanoid Sensor.

“Artificial Intelligence is exciting and Africa through Agilitee is also in the forefront of it. Your TikTok experience will never be the same,” he added.

Pre-orders for the product, he said will start on Friday at a special price of R800.

Additionally, Agilitee Africa has developed AI Kettle. It has a temperature management system that allows you to set the kettle hit according to the purpose of the use of the water you are boiling.

Dr. Lamba said: “for instance, if you are boiling for the noodles the water temperature will be very high allowing immediate softening on the noodles instead of waiting for 15 minutes after pouring boiling water on the noodles.”


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