Legal fraternity upbeat about opportunities in the single continental market

Legal fraternity upbeat about opportunities in the single continental market

David Ofosu- Dorte, Legal Advisor and Managing Partner of AB& David Africa, which was recently crowned Africa’s number one legal firm, believes that all set human discipline on the continent is likely to be affected by the implementation of the AfCFTA.

“My estimate is that we will attract at least about 150 to 200 international civil servants relocating in this country. Which school will the children of this people locating here attend? So, you will not export your school, but your school is affected by the fact that international civil servants come here,” he told Single African Market in an interview.

He added: “How does your curriculum help a child of somebody for example who is relocated to Ghana from Addis Ababa. These are things we ought to be thinking about. So, it does affect everybody. The way we educate lawyers will change.”

Other experts agreed with him that the implementation of the AfCFTA create new opportunities in the legal practice.

Joyce Williams Esq, Armooh-Williams PLLC & Equity Partners, USA, shared that: “We do hope that lawyers are looking outside of the areas that they are used to practicing especially new and upcoming Lawyers. Looking at these opportunities, practice areas that they can develop. We need to understand the AfCFTA ourselves as legal practitioners.”

Some of the students from the Ghana school of Law also shared their knowledge about the free continental market.

“Learning about AfCFTA will be good, for a lot of students, and for anybody in any of the African countries. It could be incorporated to a course that we are doing. It would help us to know the various opportunities that exist for someone who may not want to practice in Ghana,” said Maame Serwaa Tuffuor of the University of Ghana.

Another student, Abraham Joojo Afon, added: “One of the benefits that we would get from AfCFTA is that it will push us to have industrialized trade. We are no longer going to account for extractive or materials in their natural state as we normally do.”


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