Prince Kofi Amoabeng tells his inspiring story on Y Leaderboard Series

Prince Kofi Amoabeng tells his inspiring story on Y Leaderboard Series

Ghanaian businessman and a former military officer of the Ghanaian Armed Forces, Prince Kofi Amoabeng, has starred in the latest episode of the Y Leaderboard Series hosted by YFM.

In a gripping conversation with Akosua Hansen, who sat in for regular host Rev. Erskine, the businessman shared his fondest childhood memories on education, family and life-story. The businessman, speaking of his childhood days, related how sound advice from his father changed his perspective on matters – even today.

The advice of starting good things for others to follow was premised on an occurrence when he refused to wear sandals to school because no one in school wore sandals. “I would remove and hide them in some plantain plantation and then walk barefooted so I didn’t attract attention.

“For some reason, my mum came to school and saw that I was barefooted. She asked my teacher where my sandals were and the teacher said I never wore sandals. I was dragged home and beaten,” he narrated.

He however continued that when his dad heard of the situation, he enquired of him why he refused to wear sandals to school. “I told him because nobody wears them. And my dad said, ‘Okay I understand’. He asked me if it was good to wear sandals, and I said it was good but no one was wearing them. So he replied: “If you have to start something good and the ripples will affect people, then go ahead and do it no matter the circumstance”.

Kofi Amoabeng noted that since he received that admonition he challenges himself to always begin ‘something good’, even though some may speak against it.

Speaking on his education, Kofi Amoabeng expressed pride in his alma mater, Adisadel College.

He insists Adisadel College is “arguably the best school in the world”. As a young boy who had not travelled to Cape Coast before his admission to Adisadel College, Kofi Amoabeng was awed by the infrastructure that welcomed him on his first day at the school.

The businessman who was occupied with both academic and extracurricular activities while in Adisco stated: “There was a lot to do in school, and I was introduced to athletics during my first term. Look at the village boy from Kukurantumi being introduced to cricket; there was a gym on campus, and for a 12-year-old boy I was enjoying life”. The ‘enjoyment’ at Adisadel College was, however, short-lived when he moved to St. Peters’ SHS. Kofi Amoabeng then climbed the education ladder into the University of Ghana.

The businessman revealed that long before he ventured into business he had the opportunity to join the Ghana army, where he cultivated the quality of discipline. His dream of retiring in the military was cut short after witnessing several coup d’états and a lowered standard in the profession he cherished.

The retired military Captain during the interview encouraged the youth to question what is generally accepted or how things are normally done. To him, having a career in the military never hindered his ambition to redirect his career into the finance and business sector.

He encouraged the younger generations to take on responsibility and make an impact on issues that relatively affect them.

Programmes Manager of YFM Accra, Eddy Blay, after the interview expressed that it was a great pleasure to host Prince Kofi Amoabeng. He believes the Ghanaian youth after listening to this achiever will be more than inspired.

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