Providing the missing link in multi-billion agribusiness industry- golden sunbeam to raise $ 2m through crowdfunding

Providing the missing link in multi-billion agribusiness industry- golden sunbeam to raise $ 2m through crowdfunding

The Management of Golden Sunbeam Technology Valley, a Ghanaian owned Company, has initiated an innovative and ambitious business investment in the Agribusiness industry worth USD 3 million dollars to train the youth in work-based skills to transform and empower them to be self-reliant and self-employed to meet the food needs of the populace.

According to Mr Emmanuel Ohene Opare, the Chairman of GSTV, the agribusiness project is expected to create over one (1) thousand jobs within the short to medium term, grow the national economy and provide sustainable returns for investors or donors.

Providing details at the launch in Accra, Mr Ohene Opare explained that the total cost of the Project is USD 3million and in three product lines – Piggery, Aquaculture and Greenhouse vegetable farming situated in Ayi Kumah in the Shai Osudoku District in the Greater Accra Region and Essam, near Akyem Oda in the Eastern Region.

The Company has already invested USD 1 million dollars to acquire 50 acres titled land, secured it with a 1.6-kilometre wall, fully gated with CCTV cameras installed overseeing the whole land. In addition, it has procured over 120 KVA off-grid solar equipment to mitigate the risk of electricity failure, sunk boreholes with solar pumps to provide water for the project. In order to boost its Fish farming initiative, it has constructed an initial 20 ponds for tilapia and catfish production.

The additional funding of USD 2m is expected to expand the Project particularly in the areas of Greenhouse Farming technology, fish processing and canning machinery and other infrastructural works.

“we have had to resort to crowdfunding to drive this ambitious agribusiness initiative because of its relative low cost and to give as many global citizens the opportunity to create wealth and jobs within the agribusiness value chain” Mrs Monica Ohene Opare, the CEO of Golden Sunbeam Technology Valley, further explained as reason for using the Crowdfunding platform.

According to Mrs Opare, Global investors in the Project are not only contributing to developing the agricultural value chain ecosystem and creating jobs for thousands of people but will also earn a decent 25% return on their investment (in GHC) per annum for a minimum period of 3 years.

She urged the Government to support such patriotic initiatives with tax reliefs and other incentives to enable more entrepreneurs to venture into the Agricultural sector. “we intend to engage Ghana Exim Bank, NEIP and Ustart Program for the necessary support” she intimated.

The Crowdfunding campaign is expected to begin on December 1, 2021, and end on January 31st, 2022. The minimum amount to invest in GHC 1000 and maximum of GHC 20,000 for a tenor of 3 years minimum. The media campaign is expected to be launched on Social Media and national daily platforms shortly.

Mrs Monica Opare encouraged donors and investors to support such worthy projects for the benefit of millions of people as more Youths are expected to be trained to acquire practical skills in Greenhouse farming, Aquaculture and Piggery to grow the Agricultural value chain Industry and deepen food security within the sub-region.

As she puts it “hardworking interns will be supported with work-based skill training as paid interns in production, processing and marketing of the various projects to start their own business as OUTGROWERS for the main project on the main campus”

Signed: Management of Golden Sunbeam Technology Valley, Accra, Ghana

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