PIKIT customers to get better ecommerce and delivery services

PIKIT customers to get better ecommerce and delivery services
Emmanuel Bekoe

Emmanuel Bekoe, an MPhil holder from University of Cambridge, UK and Co-founder of PIKIT, an electronic marketplace and a delivery platform, has said customers will receive discounts on delivery delays for more than 10 minutes for assurance of timely services.

PIKIT has been developed by the Onion Technologies Limited to make products and items from various shops, companies or individuals accessible for purchase and delivered to the doorsteps of customers.

Explaining how responsive they are to the needs of their customers in an interview, he said: “in terms of timely delivery, the customer receives discounts if delivery delays for more than 10 minutes, provided the delay is from us, also items that are posted on the platform are of exact specifications as delivered. He continued that the platform validates items’ availability upon request and the items are of quality and very affordable.”

PIKIT shall allowed certain partner stores from other operational cities within the country to be able to offer their products through the Platform, and PIKIT mediates the link between the partner store and the user for online purchase and immediate delivery of the products. The users of the platform and the consumers of those partner stores can request and do business on the platform through PIKIT’s mediation.

In a competitive world today, PIKIT being a new e-commerce platform has been able to innovate an app feature in which payments by customers and to the vendors are much simpler than most of the others and there is live tracking of all riders to inform their decisions on immediate interventions.

Mr. Bekoe also described the security of shipment and the technology that is used to communicate with customers in the interview, saying, “from the pickup point, our trained riders double check to make sure the item(s) being picked are properly packaged before they are sent away and Communication is done through Pikit app, SMS, WhatsApp calls and messages, emails, calls, among others.”

Talking to other co-founder, Rohit Khattar, who brings on board over 20 years of I.T and customer service experience to the platform and has established successful companies in Nigeria, Benin, DRC, Cameroon and Togo on various projects, on whether the pikit app is already available to customers for use, he answered that, it will be launched and go live in Ghana in December, 2021 to ease the burden of customers on Christmas shopping.

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