Developing a perfect compelling sales pitch


Back then, in the early years of my professional career, I used to develop a sales pitch starting with the company’s products and service offerings.

Plunked down and came up with what the company was offering at the time. Developed company product features and benefits.

The corresponding prices of the products and services. The incredible case studies. Then assembled nice modern PowerPoint slides for purposes of presentation.

Then decided to go and issue out the designed sales pitch to as many customers as possible. Little did I know that the above approach is Alligator selling – loud voice, little ears (show up and throw out). Did know nothing like one fits all.

What is a sales pitch? And how can one develop a compelling sales pitch? 

A sales pitch can be a script you go through on a call, a two-minute speech you perfect for networking opportunities, or a classic presentation in front of decision-makers.

Any Sales pitch should be structured around explaining the product or service that your company is selling in terms that not only resonate with but also entice your potential customer. To create a compelling sales pitch, don’t be led by data or product specifications or product data sheets; instead, focus on storytelling that brings to life the ways your product solves real pain points for your customer.

Give real examples – ideally something that you learned from your prospect’s industry market trends. Try as much as possible to put your customer at the centerpiece. The customer should be your hero. The more personal you make your pitch, the more likely your audience will pay attention to what you are presenting.

During the description of your sales offer, try visuals wherever possible. Provide your customer with a visual understanding of both the problem they’re facing and the solution you are providing. Remember every company has competitors. Make your competitors part of your sales pitch but emphasize how you are better than criticizing them.

Research to find out what the biggest pain points of different types of customers are. Look out for social evidence – reviews, recommendations from their social peers. Showcase what some of your top previous customers said about your solutions. This helps to build trust and credibility with your prospect.

The moment of price issues should not be too early. First, establish the value of your products and services. Do not give prices to your prospects without establishing value first. If you fail to articulate the value of your solution in the right context for your prospect, you are likely to be shocked when you begin price presentation.

Agree on the next steps with your prospect before ending your sales pitch presentation. If your prospect has picked interest in your solution, how are you planning to reach him/her? Do not let your deal to flat due to confusion. Make sure that your call to action is crystal clear to the prospect.

For purposes of quality, consistency and recognition, design all your fonts and color palettes in line with your brand so that the sales pitch presentation feels like a cohesive part of your brand experience. If you need to learn more about creating compelling sales pitch presentations that can close more deals with your brand, feel free to follow or contact me for further details.

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