Poetry Corner: Covid and climate change


C for Covid

C for Corona

C C for Climate Change



See what we got inside us

Inside our nostrils

See how we sneezed to cough

Inside our throats and tonsils

See how our throats stored the sores

Inside our lungs

See how we squeezed to breathe

See how Corona corroded those

See what we got inside us?


See what we committed to Covid

We masked up

We distanced apart

We sanitized around

We closed to lock down

We assembled Astra, Pfizer and Moderna

We commissioned Sputnik and Johnson

See how we converted these into instant vaccinations

See how much we committed to Covid?


See what Covid committed against us

Covid melted away our jobs

And left us with many sobs

Covid confiscated our visas

And confined us to our lazy chairs

Covid peeled away our precious life

Beginning from our men

And ending with our women

Never mind whether he was our husband

Or she was our wife

See what Covid committed against us?



See what we have done

See what we have done to our earth mate

Our climate

See what we have changed

In our climate

See what has changed

In our climate


See how we changed our climate

Chlorofluorocarbons we emitted

…from aerosols and canisters

…from refrigerators and freezers

…from the industrialized Free Zone

Into the thick layers of the Ozone


Even when we still inhabited our comfort zone

We burned coal and heated diesel

We vaporised petrol into fossil fuel

We dispatched soot from carbon into the Stratosphere

As a smokescreen for the damage already done

See how we changed our climate?


See why we changed our climate

We got tired of afforestation

We fired up for deforestation

We never got tired of charcoal cooking

We fired up more with more firewood


We designed habitats in place of our forest cover

We waded roads through our forest cover

We loved to wade through dried-up lakes and rivers

We dredged on escaping excavators

…prospecting for hidden treasures

See why we changed our climate?


See what the climate changed on our earth

The Ozone changed to layers of holes

The Sun saw the holes as escape routes

And the Sun shone through the holes

…in the Ozone layers

The heat bore through the holes

…to hit the earth


The heat escalated its steam to raise forest fires

And the heat broke the tip of the iceberg

The ice melted at boiling point

The ice caused a rise in oceanic depths and heights

And the heights flooded the earth in a deluge

As a calamitous prelude to a climatic catastrophe


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