Corporate Poet: Plant A Tree

Corporate Poet: Plant A Tree

The sun is hot and scorching

Its all sunshine and brightness

Out there in the wide open fields

People are walking and sweating

Walking on hot sands on the ground

Standing on hot stones on the ground

Facing the discomfort of the sun

Because the heat is unbearable

There is no shade to rest under

We need trees to give us shelter

A tree is the umbrella of the day

Plant a tree !


In front of my house is a mango tree

And at the back is a pawpaw tree

They are very satisfying and rewarding

And cuts my expenditure on food

I call my neighbours to my house

We plug the fruits and eat all for free

Its all merry making and enjoyment

The birds in the air have their share

As they gladly descend on the fruits

We need more trees for food

Plant a tree !


For those who want a new job

To earn an additional income

Come on lets plant more trees

And replace what has been lost

Let’s plant many of the fruit trees

To start a large plantation farm

Let’s plant trees along the streets

To decorate and beautify the city

We need raw materials for work

And some more timber for export

Plant more and get more income

Come let’s plant trees!


We must plant more trees

To encourage reforestation

And fight against desertification

We must plant more trees

So that we get more oxygen

To reduce the carbon dioxide

And save the environment

Plant a tree, plant a life !

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