Has God Done Away With Tithing? Part Three

Has God Done Away With Tithing? Part Three

In Part Two, I discussed how God had used his two parameter types and maintained 2 of the 3 basic applications as requirements for his priestly program he envisioned in Christ. In this edition, I expound on Church Tithing as the third basic application that God set up as a requirement for his Priestly Program, and in conclusion, establish the truth about God in relation to the legitimacy for Church tithing today.

Church tithing as a Unique Type of Giving

Following the same pattern in dealing with his people, with the parameter of Faith, God benchmarked in Abraham, the application concerning Church tithing, as a unique type of giving for fulfilling the administration of its priestly requirement. How God worked in Abraham to tithe to Melchizedek is much elaborated on in chapter four of my book, Church Tithing: A Handbook for Pastors.

With the framework of the Law, in God’s dealings with the nation Israel, the application concerning tithing as a unique type of giving for fulfilling the priestly requirement was also put into effect. By the framework of the Law, God will have Israel to tithe to the holy ministry of the Levitical priests and the Levites.

With Faith as a framework of God’s dealings with the Church, Christ would ordain Church tithing as an application of giving, as insinuated by the Apostle Paul, (1 Corinthians 9:11-15). The prologue in my book, Church Tithing: A Handbook for Pastors does a careful exegesis of 1 Corinthians 9:11-15 to show that besides generosity, the practice of tithing as a type and an application of giving was ordained by the Lord to take place in local congregations of the church.

Again, with tithing, the change in the frameworks and standards does not alter the application of Church tithing in meeting the priestly requirements of God in his relationship with his people – Abraham, the nation Israel, and the Church. In other words, in principle, the applications and the purposes remain the same, regardless of changes in the frameworks.

Establishing the Truth about God for the Legitimacy of Church Tithing

From the preceding elaborations, we can trace a pattern of God’s consistency and integrity. The altering of the frameworks and standards in his dealings with Abraham/the Church and the nation Israel do not abolish the 3 basic applications and their purpose for the fulfillment of God’s priestly concept that was envisioned in Christ and the Church before the foundation of the world. We can see by the following illustration that the change in the parameters/frameworks of Faith and the Law does not alter God’s priestly requirement for the Church, and it does not do the same with the application/principle of Church tithing.

In the illustration, we see the consistency of God that his dealings with Abraham always served as a foundation for his relationship with the Church. As always, with the nation Israel, his dealings with them served as a parallel to or a copy of his relationship with the Church.

It is, therefore, a missed logic to use scriptures such as “But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, it is evident: for, the just shall live by faith,” (Galatians 3:11) to conclude that because the Law is abrogated, the application/principle concerning the giving of the tithes is also nullified; since it pertained with the nation Israel who were under the Law, and therefore, not applicable for the Church.

So, has God done away with tithing today? The answer is no!!

In reiterating my conclusion, this discussion has followed the consistency of God in the unveiling of his priestly concept to demonstrate that in altering the parameter of Faith to the Law, and then reverting to Faith as frameworks in his dealings with Abraham, the nation Israel, and the Church respectively, he did not change the 3 basic applications for the purpose of fulfilling his priestly program As the truth about God is verified by the way he honors the word of his promises, so is the truth about God also verified by the way he consistently deals with his people, to establish a paradigm/pattern that can be studied. In the paradigm of God’s dealings with his people Abraham, the nation Israel, and the Church to fulfill his priestly concept, the application of Church tithing verifies the truth about God. In other words, it is the consistency of God concerning the fulfillment of his priestly concept/program that legitimizes the practice of Church tithing today.

Dr. Samuel Kirk Mills


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