Residents of Tamale cautioned against illegal electricity connections

Residents of Tamale cautioned against illegal electricity connections

Residents of Tamale in the Northern Region have been urged to desist from illegal connections that affect activities of the Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo) of Volta River Authority (VRA) in the production of power for domestic and commercial use.

The Chief of Tamale, Nyeb-Dakpema Fusieni Bawa, gave the warning at a press conference in the Northern Region capital held to address the recent attack on officials of NEDCo and the Ghana police who were on duty to check on illegal electricity connections in the region.

According to him, any person or group of persons caught engaging in the act will be disciplined in line with traditional practices at the palace before being handed over to the police for prosecution by the law.

He advised that Ghana is a country governed by law, and as such aggrieved persons should seek redress at the appropriate quarters and not take the law into their own hands.

He stated that acts of violence are anti-productive, as they halt development in the region. He urged the youth to exercise restraint and allow NEDCO/VRA to resume their normal activities, saying that continually embarking on campaigns of rampage toward duty-bearers will affect the region’s image – and that has serious potential socio-economic implications, including on availability of jobs.

“You should allow the police and the NEDCO officials to do their work without any disruption. If tomorrow I hear that any person has attacked the NEDCo/VRA staff during their operations, the palace will deal with that person or group severely.

“As a result of the demonstration embarked on by the youth, the activities of VRA have come to a halt due to staff being in fear of lives being threatened. When we went there yesterday, all the vehicles they parked were destroyed by the irate youth; and therefore we sympathise with them,” he said.

The traditional ruler said timely and accurate payment for power consumed will help the Authorities extend quality services, but the continuous engagement in illegal connections can deprive others of access to power for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Nyab Dakpema Naa then appealed for NEDCo to continue work in communities of the region which have been cut-off from the national grid for days.

“We need peace in Dagbon, so from tomorrow NEDCo will start working again. I am appealing to everybody in Tamale to ensure that NEDCo/VRA works in peace for the development of this place,” he said.


Some residents in Tamale on September 21, 2021 embarked on a protest march to register their displeasure over the brutality meted out to them by some police officers, and attacked the Lamashegu Divisional Police Command – vandalising properties in the process.

They also marched to the NEDCo/VRA office in Tamale, where they destroyed the glass doors and vehicles parked within the company’s premises. Management responded by closing down offices to safeguard lives and property.






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