Republic Bank launches omnichannel suite of digital services

Republic Bank launches omnichannel suite of digital services
  • … brings app, internet banking, and USSD into one hub

As further evidence of its ongoing digital transformation journey, Republic Bank has launched an omnichannel suite of digital services to bring convenience, security, and access to its stakeholders.

Dubbed the Republic Bank Suite of Digital Services, integration among the channels; Republic Mobile – its app; Republic Online – its improved internet banking service and Republic USSD; allows users to seamlessly begin transactions on one type of device and continue on another.

Speaking at the launch, Managing Director, Farid Antar said despite its seeming late arrival to the rolling out a mobile application, the end product is set to lead the market segment as it is the culmination of a three-year strategy that has seen the bank re-engineer its business, provide thought leadership, deploy the right systems and tools, and build capacity in all aspects of its operations.

“We are aware that this road that we have embarked on is not new to many but as the popular saying goes: A journey of a thousand mile begins with a step. And just as a driver will always take a cue from cars ahead of him, we have mastered the science of research and the art of innovation to deliver a masterpiece of a digital service that is robust with many functionalities that both customers and non-customers could utilize for all their financial transactions,” he explained.

He expressed belief that Republic Bank’s suite of offerings will be a key element in the wider digitalisation drive by the state and the cashlite agenda being championed by the Bank of Ghana, saying it will allow for access to a range of services including short-term financing, insurance, pensions, mortgage facilities, as well as bill payment for the banked and unbanked alike.

He added that its offering is reflective of Republic Bank’s reputation as the “most diversified bank in the country”.

“We at Republic Bank pride ourselves as the most diversified bank in Ghana. Our suite of digital services brings to the ordinary Ghanaian; the student, the entrepreneur, the executive, the young and the old, all financial solutions just on their phones, be it smart or yam phone, your tablets and on your laptops, wherever you are; in Ghana or even outside the corridors of Ghana,” he expounded.

With multiple studies proving that digitalisation is leading to heightened spending by consumers, the Mananging Director added that Republic Bank’s product will differentiate itself by allowing, and encouraging, users to save and invest.

“Research has shown that digitisation increases our expenditure more than we save. The easy and convenient access to our income or funds just on our phones has increased our appetite for spending. This is indeed not far from the truth. That is why with the Republic MobileMobile App and our other digital services, we have made savings and investments easy for everyone.”

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