YLeaderBoard Series: Rising to the top by balancing work and family life – nuggets from Hollard’s MD

YLeaderBoard Series: Rising to the top by balancing work and family life – nuggets from Hollard’s MD

Coming from a family which believes everything is possible once you set your mind to it, Daniel Boi Addo, the Managing Director (MD) of Hollard Insurance made up his mind to focus on his education and pursue success in whatever he does.

Growing up, he aspired to be so many things and eventually settled on being an investment banker. Pursuing a degree in Economics and Political Science in the University of Ghana-Legon, he was fascinated by the flashy suits and ties of practicing investment bankers but little did he know he would find his way into the insurance industry.

The father of three who entered the insurance space some 18 years ago has made a name for himself from breaking boundaries and achieving targets year in year out. A visionary leader he is considered by his peers and subordinates.

The Bleoo boy believes good friends are an integral part of a man’s life and regarding the level of authenticity imbued in them at Accra Academy, he surrounds himself with school mates who are always honest with him.

The dedicated father who thrives as a role model for his children believes family modelling is the best kind. He looked up and still looks up to his elder brother for inspiration as he always set a good example for him. “When I go wrong I look at him and put myself back on track.”

Daniel Boi Addo defines fatherhood as not a popularity contest and advises parents to correct their children although they want to have the best of relationships with them.

According to him, some fathers are bent on being the popular person in the lives of their children but in a positive way and when this happens, they rather raise undisciplined children who grow up telling their problems to the society. The MD noted that in as much as father want to be friends with their children, they need to balance it with their role of being their corrector.

Venturing into the corporate world, he expressed worry over the decline in corporate training for young graduates now entering the job market. Although cost matters in running businesses, he called on corporate Ghana to bring the policy of training for young graduates to introduce them to their house style and stop describing them as half baked.

He believes the era where children were shot down for asking many questions is past and urged parents to challenge their children to be curious. On his accord, this generation of children should not be made to suffer the plight of the older generation as he proceeded to indicate that there is power in curiosity.

Speaking on the viability of the insurance industry on the YLeaderBoard Series hosted on Rev Erskine on Y107.9FM’s LeaderBoard Series, he shared: “We haven’t really started. Only 30% of Ghanaians have an insurance policy and this includes all sorts of very micro products so Ghanaians need more education about insurance.” He also charged persons who purchase insurance to ask exhaustive questions and be diligent.

To him, most buyers of insurance do the purchases through third parties and end up blaming insurance companies if their claims are not paid to them. “A lot of people have refused to learn about insurance and rather send their drivers and younger brothers to buy insurance on their behalf and some even do not ask any questions on what third party insurance is or questions on the package they are buying.”

Although money is important to him, he insists it does not define success. He explained success as the impact one has on his society. Mr. Boi Addo further advised the youth to be careful about the decisions they take and trust their instincts. To him eating healthy is also a critical component for success.

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