#NsemPiiAt10: 10years of inspiring and touching lives

#NsemPiiAt10: 10years of inspiring and touching lives
Pastor Nyansa Boakwa

It has been a decade filled with deep societal change with huge progress made in things such as mental health, physical health, social interventions and spiritual awareness. That is what Happy FM’s ‘Nsem Pii’ has achieved in the Ghanaian society.

‘Nsem Pii’ is a social and religious programme that has achieved incredible things in the past decade, from being the bridge that feuding families walk back to each other, to raising funds to support ailing children find healing, ‘Nsem Pii’ has done it all.

The show is hosted by Ps. Nyansa Boakwa whose signature baritone has served as a soothing voice in turbulent times for many across Ghana and beyond. Known in real life as Wisdom Agbodza, his passion for touching lives and bringing joy to broken hearts is second to none in the media space.

The show has hosted diverse guests from repented armed robbers, occultists, people living with bizarre illnesses with the aim to help the afflicted overcome their pain, chart new courses in their individual lives.  Pastors, teachers and people with in depth understanding of the spiritual realm have also passed through the show at various times to give finality to certain spiritual debates.

Pastor Nyansa Boakwa says hosting a show for ten years has its perks.I have hosted ‘Nsem Pii’ for the past decade through the show, I have met and interacted with a lot of people from different backgrounds. It has taught me to appreciate where I am at a particular point in time. I have heard tear-jerking stories that can touch you to the core but I have also seen people who faced adversity and came out on top.

Recently through a segment we introduced, ‘Boneka’ I have seen people forgive the unforgivable and forged ahead in unity. Mass wedding for instance has played cupid and united countless couples in holy matrimony,” Ps. Nyansa said.

The host also believes that the show will move from grace to grace. “Doing the work of God means He is always on your side and like the bible says all things work together for good. So I am looking forward to the show becoming the best in its social and political genre. We have also added new segments to give more to our listeners.

‘Obra’ is a new segment on ‘Nsem Pii’ that seeks to motivate listeners. It will bring people to share their grass to grace stories and to give perspective and depth. Others will also share their riches to rug stories.  It will come off every last Friday of the month. Starting every new month with God in your corner is all the motivation you need to succeed and ‘Nsem Pii’ is taking care of that by introducing the ‘Commanding the Month’ segment, which will through prayer usher in every new month on the first Monday of that month.”

On the 10th anniversary celebrations Ps. Nyansa hinted there were a couple of projects lined up for the commemoration. We will always be known for community investment initiatives and interventions we can’t celebrate our anniversary without touching lives.”

As part of the 10-year anniversary, two new segments will be introduced. ‘Obra’ and ‘commanding your morning.’

A bible quiz will also be introduced, this will start this month and end in November. The Prisons sports tournament and donation is also a part of activities for the 10 years anniversary, with the year ending with a Corporate thanksgiving. Catch ‘Nsem Pii with Ps. Nyansah Boakwa every weekday from 11:00am to 1:00pm on Happy 98.9FM.

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