This is Leadership: How to give effective progressive feedback

The inspiring thought of leadership brings to mind great leaders who have exuded vision, belief and passion. What qualifies one a leader is embodied in his shining light in the dark of all to follow and creating passion, contagious belief in a better, more sustainable future for all. Great leaders demonstrate that by inspiring the inner core of those he leads, define a new reality, and make possible what seems impossible and unimaginable in the first place.

The leader must connect and identify with those they lead to unleash the full power of passion, tenacity and perseverance. That connection needs to be built on reciprocal trust that every leader must engender the absolute conviction that he/she has his team’s best interest at heart and at the same time convey the belief that the team has what it takes to deliver excellence.

Leaders with vision often come to the fore in a time of crises, when their ability to see the bigger picture is most needed. Leaders need to see around corners and look beyond current realities to envisage the new future.

They must be able to change mindsets and create belief (faith without evidence) to show the future that doesn’t exist yet. All boats rise with tide; leadership is only really challenged when the tide goes out. It’s in this empty space, a void etched with dark spaces where everyone looks around at everyone else and there are no obvious answers only questions that leaders emerge.

Leadership that’s for the greater good requires the essential qualities of integrity, courage, humility and humanity. Leadership is about doing the right things even when nobody is watching, have the courage to make hard but necessary decisions, the courage to abandon the past, the willingness to learn, unlearn and relearn as well as the courage to be the change they want to see. Interestingly, part of leadership qualities may be inherent, but part is required through life’s brutal lessons in wisdom. It cannot be taught in a classroom or a lecture hall.

Leadership that excels and achieve phenomenal heights creates an exceptional culture of learning, thinking and debating. Besides, he surrounds himself with the best and brightest hands even if their opinions diverge from his own. More importantly, leadership that works always are seen to challenge the conventional protocols of previous generations and abandon them where they fall short of the ideal principles of his own.

A lot of businesses, institutions and organizations are in dire need to experience effective leadership to tackle their challenges head-on in their critical juncture of decision making and recovery.  It’s in this saving call that has made the issue of great leadership a wholesome and more important subject of discussion.

The call to create and inspire new path is desperately being pursued and desired to shift perspectives and abandon the well-entrenched vested positions of ideals, structures and plans that have failed.

Those that are prepared to invest a new trust equation that brings businesses and other stakeholders together to better serve and share the broader interest of a more sustainable and inclusive prospering organization, companies and groups is the clamoring call. Ready? Brace up as I come your way in my next series titled Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Discovery….Thinking solutions, shaping visions.


The writer is a holder from University of Ghana and GIMPA BA in Political Science and MBA Finance respectively. He is the CEO and Strategic Partner of AQUABEV Investment and Discovery Consulting Group.

He is an Executive Director and the Lead Coach in Leadership Development and best Business Management practices for Discovery Leadership Masterclass.

He has authored several articles in Leadership, Business Strategies and Organizational Planning under Discovery Leadership Series.

Frank has significant experience in Business Development, Strategy and Finance, Deal Origination, Transaction Advisory, Investment Consulting and General administration.

He has interest mentoring and coaching young business entrepreneurs through Discovery Business and Entrepreneurship Program. He is a nominee for Global Excellence Business Leader Award by the Swiss School of Business and Management, Switzerland.



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