“We paid USD$3 per minute for 2020 Presidential Election Petition coverage” – GBC

“We paid USD$3 per minute for 2020 Presidential Election Petition coverage” - GBC

Professor Amin Alhassan, Director General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) has stated that the state broadcaster, paid an amount of USD$3 Dollars per minute to a satellite company to broadcast the 2020 Presidential Election Petition.

Even though the corporation has cleared all of its debts, Prof. Alhassan stated that GBC still faces many challenges in its operations—affecting its growth.

He observed that one of the main challenges is the bureaucratic system that existed at GBC which he says has stunted its growth over the past 80 years.

According to him, the situation can be blamed on the monotonous ways of implementing activities with no room for change.

Prof. Alhassan further pointed out that the existence of very old staff who are unwilling to upgrade to the digital terrain is also a major problem.

“There were many old people who were more comfortable with doing things the analogue way. It was very difficult handling such situations because they have also dedicated all their lives to GBC. However, we had to tow a middle ground to come to a level-ground of consensus. So now, as you can see, we have started rebranding”.

Prof. Alhassan made these statements at the second edition of media engagement with the State Interest and Governance Authority.

The engagement is aimed at highlighting the successes chalked by State-Owned Enterprises to various stakeholders and the Ghanaian citizenry.

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