16 Hyundai Motors technicians undergo certified programme


Sixteen technicians from Hyundai Motors and Investments (Ghana) Limited have been certified by the International Service Division of Hyundai Motor Company from Hyundai Technical Training Academy.

Education and skills development are the foundations for Hyundai Motors and Investments (Ghana) Limited as it has expanded its commitment to create employment opportunities for economic upliftment.

The certificate recognition is to the technical workers who are the backbone of the company because they see to the mechanism of every vehicle and needs enhancement due to upgrade in technology.

The programme which was done online due to the COVID_19 pandemic is an initiative to equip especially the technicians of the company with the latest-generation vehicles and engines. The training is to empower technicians also with crucial skills and technical training in the automotive sphere.

Speaking at the ceremony, last Friday, the Service Manager, Shibu Kulangara of Hyundai Motors and Investment Limited explained that the certificates attained by the technicians worldwide is to enhance their skills and creativity in the automobile sector.

“The training is to certify that the technicians working on the vehicles in the company are very equipped to the technical knowledge of recent automobile upgrades in development of technologies in the engines, electronics, suspension, transmission and the electric cars,” he said.

Emil Gawu, Assistant Workshop Manager, who also passed in acquiring the Certified Certificate from the training said: “We have gone through 6-months online training which is a global course for all Hyundai Motors technicians. The course is in three levels which are Certified Certificate, Expert Certificate and Master Certificate.”

“Since 2019, Hyundai has shifted from both normal engine and transmission to smart stream systems. So, we needed to change the way we work and handle vehicles to a different level. We are happy we have a renewed mind on latest technologies that will improve our performance to satisfy our customers and I am so glad I took part as we have undergone the first part of the course successfully and received our certificate,” Mr Gawu added.

Stallions Motors has been in Ghana for 20years and has Hyundai Motors as a branch of it.



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