Mike Eghan on Y Leaderboard Series: The Journey of radio’s ‘Magnificent Emperor’

The Journey of radio's ‘Magnificent Emperor’

Ghana’s number one urban radio, Y107.9FM hosted veteran Ghanaian broadcaster, Mike Eghan on the Y Leaderboard Series this week. ‘The Magnificent Emperor’ had a heart-warming conversation with Rev. Erskine on his upbringing, family, career, among many other things.

Mike shared that he grew up with a father who was religiously inclined such that he [his father] “forbade certain things in life”. This, according to him, made it difficult for him to choose just any entertainment.  For example, he revealed how he maneuvered his way to have access to entertainment during his youthful days.

Since he loved the movies, and his father wouldn’t approve of going to the cinema, he had no choice than to go there with the camouflage of going for choir practice. “When I wanted to go the movies, I will enroll as a chorister and skip in between to go to the movies,” he disclosed.

Mike revealed that during his youthful days, every Ghanaian child back in the day was afraid to carry themselves in a poor manner and checked themselves even when there was no one around.

Comparing the levels of discipline between his time and the present, he noted, “Discipline was of great essence to everyone nationwide and parents even compared notes on discipline. Discipline was almost a norm and the young ones misbehaving will even check themselves before they finished with their misbehaviour. The young ones of today are smoking, drinking and doing other bad things,” he lamented.

Commenting on his radio career, he confessed that the six decades of his life that he spent as a radio broadcaster brought him a lot of fame but not much money. He stated that although he misses radio very much, his time at that has ended.

Nevertheless, he noted that he is still very grateful to everyone who helped him out with his adventurism and building his go-getter attitude. Meanwhile, Mike Eghan has expressed worry over the reduction in the quality of interviews conducted in the media space. He notes that most present-day talk show hosts do not adequately prepare for interviews and fail woefully at delivering great programming because they put no effort into researching guests.

Programmes Manager of YFM Accra Eddy Blay, speaking on the interview with Mike Eghan expressed: “Mr. Eghan on the show today gave a lot of insights and advice to any young individual who wants to be in the Ghanaian media scene and also succeed in any career path. No doubt this interview will change lives. Don’t worry if you missed the show today, you can simply log onto our social media pages and enjoy a recap of the show.”

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