Mexican Embassy unveils logo for 60th Anniversary of Ghana–Mexico relations

Mexican Embassy unveils logo for 60th Anniversary of Ghana

On Monday, August 9, 2021, the Embassy of Mexico in Ghana unveiled a logo as part of activities marking the 60th anniversary celebration of the bilateral relations between Mexico and Ghana at a brief ceremony at the Mexican Residence in Accra.

The event was attended by the Mexican Ambassador to Ghana, Enrique Escorza; Thomas Mbomba, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration and selected members of the media.

Speaking at the event Ambassador Escorza said: “the establishment of diplomatic relations with Ghana had a special meaning for Mexico. We found in Ghana a new and vigorous nation that also expressed loud and clear the importance of international cooperation to boost national development.

We found a new voice that expressed its unwavering commitment with a rule-based order, with respect of sovereignty, self-determination and the peaceful resolution of disputes. We found in Ghana our new brothers and sisters.”

He further stated that “today we are proud to say that Mexico and Ghana have been able to build a steady, prosperous, and constructive foundation for our relationship after six decades of hard work and dedication. We are gathered here today to remember and to honour that joyful moment.”

On his part, Thomas Mbomba acknowledged the growth in the healthy relationship between Ghana and Mexico over the years and recounted some of the great collaborations between the two countries.

“I am happy to be here this morning and be part of this special event. We have come a long way in our relationship, and I am confident the coming years will be amazing for us. The prospects are great and we need to explore ways of developing the relationship and taking it to the next level for mutual benefit,” he stated.

The logo is an artistic expression of the relationship between the two countries and a chance of a lifetime to bring together two iconic elements; the Mexican Huichol and Ghana’s Kente. The Huichol people are one of the 56 indigenous ethnic groups in Mexico located in the states of Jalisco, Durango, Zacatecas and Nayarit, where Wixáritari, the native language, is preserved.

The Huichol people are globally recognized for their colorful folk art using beads and strings.

Ghana’s kente is a colorful and delicate treasure which expresses the vibrant unique history of its people. The fact that each pattern has a name makes it even more distinct. You can easily feel the exceptional spirit of Ghana through each and every single weave and pattern of kente.

The textiles, art, people and countries weaving stronger ties every day set a fertile ground to reflect upon the first 60 years of relationship between the two countries. It is this strength and incommensurable energy that motivates us to move forward towards building a strategic relation based on prosperity and mutual benefits for the well-being of our wonderful people.


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