LG introduces next-gen of laundry with AI-Powered Washer


LG’s has introduced 6 Motion DD Technology Washing Machine with All Round Cleaning and Efficient Wash Performance.

One of the key technologies is direct drive technology, which generated 6 unique motions that takes cleaning and washing of clothes to a whole new level. Direct Drive washing machines are high-efficiency machines that cut energy costs and water consumption, compared to conventional washing machines.

The ThinQ™ washing machine is powered with 6 Motion DD (Direct Drive) for an Optimal Wash of fabrics. Different fabric needs different motions to remove the tough stains and at the same be gentle on the clothes. The 6 Motion Motherly Wash Includes-Scrubbing, Rolling, Stepping, Swing, Tumbling and Filtration that removes the tough stains and reduces fabric damage.  The 6 Motion Direct Drive technology moves the wash drum in multiple directions, giving fabrics the proper care while getting clothes ultra clean.

Depending on the cycle the consumer chooses, these motions range from extremely gentle, for delicate, to a more powerful cleaning for soiled items, making it simple to take better care of clothing. This breakthrough technology is made possible by the precision mechanics created by LG’s Inverter Direct Drive™ motor, which operates without belts or pulleys, delivering power directly from the motor to the drum. LG TrueSteam™ Technology also deeply penetrates fabrics to remove dirt and reduce wrinkles.

In addition, 6Motion™ Technology works in conjunction with ColdWash™, which penetrates deep into fabrics using only cold water, to provide consumers with the same washing performance as washing in warm water while providing substantial energy savings.

With LG 6 motion DD washing machine you will able to be aware and wash your laundry with care!  Each Motion has its own character which deals with a group of fabrics. In scrubbing, it delivers an Even Wash (Intensive). Just when the water is supplied to the LG 6 Motion washer, the combination of the scrub motion and the waved lifters create a figure-8 shape and a ‘trough’ of water. This helps to dissolve powder detergent better and faster.

It features for rolling gives powerful wash (Silent Wash). It is the Silent Wash motion in which the laundry is rolled below the water level. This creates more friction with the inner drum and is less damaging to clothes. So, it’s more effective, yet kinder, too. Set your cloth tangle-free (Wrinkle Care/ Waveforce). It gently removes stains and dirt from clothes using strong water currents. The action of rotating and stopping repeatedly minimize creasing. It is suitable to wash cotton course, delicate Course, baby care course and sanitary course.    Swing: This washing motion is mainly used for delicate. The soft swing of the LG 6 Motion washing machine has a heart-shaped motion that washes laundry below the waterline.

The tumble offers Extreme Clean (Standard Turn). It gives a normal wash to clothes at standard turn washing machine motion without getting tangles during the washing process. As the spin speed is low, they consume less power and save water. It works for all types of clothes. Provides Delicate Wash (Delicate Care). It helps in washing your delicate fabrics like your lingerie, stocking, blouse, knitwear, baby clothes, cotton, and normally soiled clothes. This heart-shaped motion gives your laundry a smooth wash below the water line from side to side.

LG ’S 6 Motion DD filtration makes the fabric detergent free (Perfect spray). A combination of spinning and spray from the water shower forms the filtration motion. This motion soaks the laundry faster and more evenly. The action of rotating and stopping repeatedly in the LG Six Motion washing machine prevents wrinkles. With LG Fully Automatic Washing Machine, you no longer need to juggle between what important things to do and not to do. LG fully automatic washing machine does not demand your full attention when you’re in the middle of something or some work. An LG fully automatic washing machine makes the best choice for your home:

By eliminating belts and pulleys, LG’s Direct Drive motor cuts back on moving parts to make its washing machines extremely durable and quieter with lower vibration, an effect further aided by the machines’ TrueBalance™ anti-vibration system. As a measure of confidence in their reliability, LG offers a 10-year warranty for its direct drive motors.

In addition, LG top-load washing machines provide WaveForce™ Technology, which offers a powerful yet gentle wash to make laundry exceptionally clean. And LG’s SmartRinse™ Jet Spray System saves water without compromising rinsing performance.

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