appsNmobile Solutions: Enabling Safe and Secure Payments

  • The footprints of an innovative Company

appsNmobile Solutions Limited is a wholly-owned Ghanaian Fintech known in the market for its many market-first payment solutions that power businesses in various sectors.

Driven by passion, innovation and excellence, the Company has demonstrated market leadership in all of its solutions. It was the first to deploy point of sale (POS) solution that rides solely on the USSD Short Code. This solution enables easy payment at merchant points by dialing an assigned short code from any type of phone. This application provides unique menus for different sectors such as churches, OMCs, retailers, and schools among others.

The Company’s continuous quest to innovate and solve major challenges facing businesses in Ghana led to the development of the Agropay platform. This solution was developed with Licensed Buying Companies (LBCs) in mind but its innovative and versatile design makes it an ideal solution for any business that buys from farmers or cooperatives either directly or through middlemen. By enabling the disbursement of money electronically in exchange for the exact quantities being purchased, the farmer and the buying entity can derive the best value due them – whether produce or money. This delivers fair price to the farmer without any manipulation.

appsNmobile’s influence and impact on the Fintech ecosystem is manifest in many sectors of the Ghanaian economy. The Company’s Cardless ATM solution supports banks to extend branchless banking to their customers. Enabling merchants receive or make payment has never been this easy and this has earned appsNmobile a place of honour as a key technical partner of leading multinational banks in Ghana. With the Company’s E-Ticket solution, it powered a major entertainment event whereby all tickets were sold and delivered digitally through a QR Code and similarly ticket validation was carried at the entrance seamlessly without any issues, a first of its kind in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

Approach to Service Delivery

appsNmobile’s inspirational rise to leadership is hinged on the reliability of its systems and its bespoke approach to customer service and support. With a system reliability of 99.9%, the company assures its partners of uninterrupted operations with a round-the-clock support.

Certifications and Awards

The company has been awarded the Payment Service Provider (PSP) Enhanced License by the Bank of Ghana in 2021 and was one of the first Fintechs to receive a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification in Ghana. The company’s innovative approach to promoting digital financial inclusion earned it a recognition by MTN Ghana as an Innovative and Emerging Fintech partner during the 10th MTN MoMo anniversary in 2019. appsNmobile Solutions will soon become ISO 27001 certified.

Products and Services;

Orchard is a versatile, dynamic and integrated payment gateway that was designed to offer flexibility and cater to the needs of a wide range of merchants. With a single API, merchants are able to easily connect to process their payments.

The gateway offers credit and debit transactions on mobile money wallets and debit transactions on cards. Terminations to local bank accounts are also seamlessly processed through this gateway. Companies or businesses that have to pay a long list of recipients whether one-time or regularly can just simply load a file onto to the platform and with just a click send funds electronically to thousands of recipients.

AgroPay is designed to enable agribusinesses and produce buying companies effect payment directly to farmers via mobile money or bank transfers. This delivers value directly to farmers in return for the exact quantities being paid for. The solution also provides reports that match disbursements to stock levels.

The Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS) is a USSD enabled collections solution that is quickly and easily deployed with various dynamic menus designed for specific organisations such as schools, hospitals, churches and general merchants among many others. Each entity is given a unique USSD short code extension as well as a portal to view and download reports. The end user just has to dial the short code to effect payment.

Trickles: The leading e-commerce app on the Ghanaian market that enables customers shop with ease with the added flexible option of installment payment plans. The app will soon provide subscribers flexible micro insurance and financial services in partnership with key industry players.

The future for appsNmobile

appsNmobile is poised to continue delivering innovative and impactful solutions that support businesses remain competitive. The CEO of appsNmobile, Mr. Richard Bansah, says that in order to remain relevant and leverage its software development capabilities, the Company will continue to invest in its people so it can continue to develop innovative solutions that improve lives and help businesses grow.


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