Bolt rolls out early cashout feature for drivers


Bolt has launched a new feature for the convenience of drivers, Early Cashout, to enable drivers to acquire their earnings as and when they need it.

Early Cashout is a built-in partnership with mobile money operators and is being made available in-app for drivers to access early cashout requests once per day. Drivers will need to meet specific criteria to acquire their earnings. This also means they will no longer have to wait a week for their money.

David Kotei Nikoi, Bolt Country Manager for Ghana, said, “The new early cashout feature reinforces our commitment to make driver operations and lives better, more especially for our drivers and riders.  We are constantly looking for innovative ways and opportunities to solve their entrepreneurship needs to help meet their life and financial goals. We aim to alleviate the liquidity and financial strains experienced by drivers as more and more people opt for electronic payments.”

The early cashout requests can be submitted 24/7 and take 5 minutes to be processed once a request is submitted. However, depending on the payment provider used, it may take up to one hour to process a cashout request.

All Bolt riders and drivers can now access the early cashout feature at a fee of GHS3.00 only.

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