FGR condemns attacks on its property and personnel

FGR condemns attacks on its property and personnel

Future Gold Resources (FGR), the operator of Bogoso Prestea Mine, has said it is saddened by the violent attack by a group of criminals that led to the destruction of property belonging to FGR Bogoso Prestea Mine and threats to the safety and welfare of workers.

In a statement, FGR described the incident – which happened around 10pm on the evening of July 26, 2021 when two vehicles driven by FGR personnel were attacked by unknown assailants in the village of Dumasi – as unfortunate. “No excuse can justify the wanton damage suffered by the company which puts the lives and livelihoods of our workforce and development of the Dumasi community at severe risk.”

It said a gun was fired into one of the cars, but fortunately no injury was recorded.

One of the vehicles was in Dumasi at the Prestea Huni-valley Municipal Assembly to deliver a letter to Nana Dr. Francis Kofi Bih, the Regent of Dumasi, that represented an agreement on a way forward to establish a long-term dialogue and commitment to social investments by FGR as requested by the community.

Furthermore, on the following morning of July 27, 2021, another group of some 50 from the Dumasi community arrived at the FGR Bogoso site with machetes and two shot-guns and set fire to equipment and buildings in a targetted and orchestrated attack. No person was injured in the attack, the statement added

As a result of these incidents, the statement said personnel from Ghana police and military were mobilised to protect workers and property at the site.

Since arriving, there has been no physical confrontation between the saboteurs and authorities.

“As of the morning of 28 July 2021, the immediate threat to life and property at Bogoso posed by the saboteurs appears to have receded, and the authorities are now investigating the incident with a view to making arrests.  Production will restart as soon as FGR is advised by the authorities that it is safe to do so.

“Neither prior to, during, or following the incident did the saboteurs make any demand of FGR or state any basis for their acts of violence.  Nor are the saboteurs connected with or sanctioned by the local representatives who were finalising the agreed social investment programme by FGR,” the statement further read.

“FGR would like to reaffirm our desire to meet and engage with all the Dumasi community stakeholders to discuss the comprehensive list of issues as set out in the recent letter.  FGR is strongly committed to developing a positive and long-lasting relationship with the community,” it concluded.

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