GCNet settles redundancy impasse, pays 194 laid-off staff

GCNet settles redundancy impasse, pays 194 laid-off staff

The management of Ghana Community Network Services Limited (GCNet) has amicably resolved its labour dispute with the company’s laid-off workers over their redundancy compensation.

The dispute was resolved amicably through an out-of-court settlement, following which all the 194 workers who were laid off last year have received their redundancy compensation under the terms of the negotiated settlement.

The impasse over the arrangement for the payment of redundancy travelled from the National Labour Commission, through the Accra High (Labour) Court, to the Court of Appeal, after which the parties agreed to settle the matter out-of-court.

Following the resolution of the matter, the two Labour Courts where the cases in the matter were pending, have adopted the settlement agreement as their consent judgement.

The settlement agreement, filed in the courts on July 6, 2021 was adopted by the two Labour Courts in the cases of National Labour Commission versus GCNet, and GCNet versus the affected staff, on July 8.

Subsequently, the parties have withdrawn all pending appeals on the matter.

The management expressed its appreciation to its valued workers for their patience and cooperation in having the matter ultimately resolved satisfactorily.

The redundancy exercise was necessitated by the Government’s abrogation of its trade facilitation service contract with GCNet, in May last year prior to the end of its tenure in December 2023.




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