AMG Fertilisers introduces SC 719 hybrid maize seeds


AMG, a leading indigenous producer and distributer of high performance fertiliser and the largest importer of farm inputs in the country, has outdoored the most advanced maize seeds – SC 719 hybrid – into the market for farmers.

The Managing Director of AMG Fertilisers, Mr. Ernest Akwasi Appiah, described the hybrid, as a more improved seed over other traditional varieties, yielding bigger crops.

“The Maize seed – SC719, imported by AMG Fertilizers is developed for drought and all other weather conditions. It is demonstrated to do extremely well in hot weather conditions, and even in times when there is little rainfall.

Mr. Appiah further explained that the SC719 seed is a late-maturing seed, ranging between 115-120 days. “This new variety has no or very minimal percentage of disease, making it more productive for farmers”.

He said, “When you choose this variety of seed, you can be certain you have chosen a seed line that can better deal with the changing climate. The stress tolerance of the seed has been improved and enhanced in our quest to import and introduce seeds which align with our climate conditions.

“We have no doubt it will develop a better plant type that will grow in any culture or environment, yet still be more productive,” he added

“In a period when resiliency and sustainability is at the centre of farm growth, the Maize seed SC719 has come at a most appropriate time as outcomes from continuous trials have demonstrated the ability of these seeds to produce the right quantity of yield, even with lower fertiliser application and less water.

“The maize seeds have proven to deliver high productivity and profitability for the farmer, which is essential for agriculture value chain partnerships toward sustainability, creating opportunities and solidifying networks along the value chain – such as input suppliers, farmers, marketers, manufacturers, traders, consumers and others.”

“The SC719 Maize seeds are currently available in all Input dealer shops across the 16 regions. We encourage maize farmers to look out for them when purchasing,” said the statement issued in Accra last week.

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