CHLiF-GH to embark on free health screening and sensitization at Tepa


CHLiF-GH, an organization committed to liver related diseases mitigation and prevention, has stated its intention to embark on a free health screening for Hepatitis B and sensitization on liver related diseases for the people of Tepa in the Ahafo-Ano North District in the Ashanti Region.

According to management of foundation,  it focuses on health improvement, outreach and campaign especially in liver cancer and related illness through awareness creation, testing and vaccination.

The foundation was established in honor of Elder Collins Yeboah,  a father of three daughters and a husband who lost his life because of late detection of an organ (liver) damage.

The founder of CHLiF-GH, Francisca Kusiwaa Yeboah, sharing the family’s experience at the time, expressed that the pain and suffering their father had to endure before his death, and the heart wrenching experience of the loved ones he left behind led to the need to create the awareness so that others don’t have to suffer the same ordeal.

“It’s for this reason, that the foundation’s first activity will be held on his first year anniversary and at a location where he spent most of his working life. Elder Collins was loved by many because he gave love to every person that experienced him,” she recounted.

She also stated that growing up in a community where little or no attention was paid to science and natural causes of ailments left her with so much dismay and so it has been her personal call to push for scientific health solutions in such communities.

She also mentioned that during the event, the populace will understand that early detection of diseases can prevent sudden deaths, and that not all diseases are a curse or has spiritual connotation.

“This is is dear to me, because as a daughter who deeply loved her father, it will be imperative that others are prevented as much as possible, from suffering through liver diseases. This is how I chose to remember my father. This is how I find purpose in pain,” she reiterated.

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