Diasporans to purchase health insurance for family members

Nancy Ampah, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nationwide Medical Insurance (NMI)

… as Nationwide Medical Insurance signs partnership with Fleri

Nationwide Medical Insurance, the leading private health insurance company, and Fleri, a directed remittance platform headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, USA, have partnered to help Ghanaians in the diaspora, primarily the United States of America, purchase health insurance policies for individuals and families back home in Ghana.

The partnership also seeks to expand access to healthcare through the vehicle of insurance, and reduce the burden of paying out of pocket for healthcare delivery.

Through this partnership, Nationwide Medical Insurance can insure more people, especially in the informal sector, and contribute to efforts to attain universal health coverage as championed by government.

Commenting on the partnership, Chief Executive Officer of Nationwide Medical Insurance, Nancy Ampah, stated that this aligns with the company’s vision to become a dominant financier of healthcare services within the private medical space.

“It also demonstrates our commitment toward making private health insurance affordable and accessible to all, especially those in the informal sector.  We anticipate that many Ghanaian families and individuals who otherwise could not afford a health insurance policy will now be able to do so, due to the benevolence of their kith and kin residing abroad,” she said.

On his part, the Chief Executive of Fleri, Sam Baddoo, said the opportunity to connect the insurance industry in Africa (in this case Ghana) – which has long suffered when it comes to increasing accessibility – to the diaspora creates a perfect set of conditions to increase the efficiency of remittances. “There is even greater impact when funds are channeled to families that need it the most by providing direct support in areas such as healthcare access.”

For many decades, Ghanaians living abroad have only had one choice when it comes to supporting their families back home – through money transfers. Fleri’s direct remittance platform changes this by enabling Diaspora Ghanaians to directly sponsor healthcare plans for their loved ones back home. They can be sure their money won’t be misspent, while those they love receive the best health coverage anywhere in Ghana.

Fleri is on a mission to help migrants protect the people they love by providing an alternative to sending cash home for medical expenses, and Nationwide’s foresight in partnering with a fast-growing startup like Fleri is a bold step in leadership that will help grow its share of the health insurance market.

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