Entrepreneurship is a journey, don’t feel pressured  – Dr. Edith Dankwa urges youth

CEO of Business and Financial Times (B&FT), Dr. Edith Dankwa, at YFM’s YLeaderboard Series

Chief Executive Officer of the Business and Financial Times (B&FT), Dr. Edith Dankwa, has advised young entrepreneurs not to feel pressured by unhealthy competition in their entrepreneurial journey.

According to her, it is very easy for entrepreneurs to engage in unhealthy competition which could easily sway them off the focus of their businesses, and can lead to lack of enthusiasm for sustainability.

“Take a day at a time. There is competition, but make sure that you’re meeting and satisfying a need. That is how business works. Identify a need, satisfy it and success will follow. Don’t go out because everyone is doing it. In the process of solving the problem, you will be rewarded,” she advised.

She said this when she took her turn on YFM’s YLeaderboard Series, a programme that inspires young people via the stories of successful leaders in business, politics, academia, civil society and other fields. The one-hour show hosted by Rev. Erskine delves into the personal, career and family life of the personality and what attributes brought them success.

She said young entrepreneurs must realise that every journey to success is different, and therefore engaging in unhealthy competition only creates distractions and will never see you attain your objectives.

“This is the right time to be a youth in this country. The youth are a bit pressured sometimes because of what they see. Competition is good; it helps you grow and keeps you on your toes to deliver your best, but you shouldn’t be pressured.

“The youth must learn not to create unhealthy competition among themselves through comparisons, because every entrepreneur has a journey and you can’t make someone’s journey your standard. They have a different story, and that’s what makes every entrepreneur unique. So, as an entrepreneur you need to be focused, have an objective and take your time to grow,” she said.

She also attributes the success of her entrepreneurial journey to the solid team of dedicated workers at the Business and Financial Times (B&FT), stressing that teamwork is a very important tool for the growth and development of every business.

“The people, workers, are a solid team that we work with. We give relevant, credible and timely information, and we give value for money. This is what teamwork has offered us at the Business and Financial Times (B&FT). For a solid team, you need to create an environment where people can share their grievances; and that is what creates the bond of unity and builds a great team,” she added.

She advised young entrepreneurs to pick workers who have good character and are ready to learn, because it is the hallmark of a successful business.

Touching further on character, Dr. Dankwa entreated the Ghanaian youth to show respect to leaders of the country. She expressed her disappointment at how some youths in the country show gross disrespect to leaders on social media.

“When I go on social media platforms and I see some comments and language people use on social media, it leaves me speechless. We have to respect each other,” she said.

According to her, if she were to involve herself in any social media banter, she would consider how her family members would feel before indulging in such banter. She thus encouraged the youth to show respect to leaders. “I am pleading on behalf of all parents that, as youth, you are the future leaders so let us respect ourselves as Ghanaians.”

Dr. Dankwa noted that looking at what is happening around the world amid the pandemic, she is glad that she is a Ghanaian. And, according to her, this is how every Ghanaian youth should feel. “Because we are here in Ghana, we don’t know what we have; but when I sat back in this pandemic and listened to what was happening in the world, I felt so proud to be Ghanaian,” she added.

When asked what legacy she yearns to leave behind, Dr. Dankwa said: “I want to be remembered as the one who helped to push the leading business information power-house in Ghana and created media platforms capable of disseminating business information to the business community in Africa and even the world at large. I want the SMEs to point us out – that we contributed to their growth through our media.”

In her final words to the youth, she advised that they follow their passion and learn to be self-motivated because it helps build a tough skin for the challenges ahead. She expressed her appreciation to her immediate and extended family, her team at the B&FT and members of the Executive Women Network, a group of women in corporate Ghana working to position women strategically.

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