Raphael Nyarkotey Obu authors 800-page specialized book on law & naturopathic medicine


Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, a noted Naturopathic doctor, science writer who has distinguished himself as an academic and a young professor has written a book in field of Naturopathic Medicine Practice and healthcare.

The book is the first of its kind in the legal profession as a specialised area of the healthcare industry. Dr. Nyarkotey, a level 300 law student at Kings University College, Akplaku, has indeed raised the bar at the faculty level in Ghana’s legal education with such an academic work.

The 13 chaptered book was forwarded by the author of the renowned book, Reading the Law, Lawyer Benjamin T. Antiedu with contributions from some lawyers and healthcare policy makers such as Lawrencia Aggrey-Blewuy, an assistant lecturer with the University of Education, Winneba.

Raphael Nyarkotey Obu authors 800-page specialized book on law & naturopathic medicine

Lawyer Owusu Badu, who is a senior law lecturer at the KAAF University, and a lawyer of good standing was impressed and amazed with the kind of work produced by Dr. Nyarkotey Obu, who is going into his final year of the LLB law programme at the Kings University College.

The renowned lawyer and Lecturer at the KAAF University is of the view that, Dr. Nyarkotey combined his rich academic and clinical experience as well as being student of the law to write the book.

He recommended the book to all healthcare professionals, legal professionals, students of the law, judges and the traditional and alternative medicine fraternity. The book is expected to be launch in November at the faculty of law, Governance and International Relations at the Kings University college, Akplaku

Chapter one deals with background to Naturopathic Medicine Practice in Ghana; chapter two talks about the laws of Ghana and judicial system; chapter three centers on development of Medical law; chapter four cements on Medical and healthcare laws in Ghana;  chapter five is on Naturopathy as a concept; chapter six is on human rights, healthcare and Naturopathy;  chapter seven deals with enforcement of rights to health; chapter eight focuses on specific human rights; chapter nine deals with legal concept of Naturopathy and scope of practice and many others. Medical negligence is also featured in chapter 12 in addition to the crosspathy Medical Practice in chapter 13.

Another lawyer, Martina Akusika Mensah, who also reviewed the book also emphasize that, the book is really impressive academic academic and practical experience at fore and medical experts will take guidance from it in light of recent events of medical negligence.

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