Adansi Akrofuom DCE, MP join forces to grow 9,000 trees


The District Chief Executive for Adansi Akrofuom, Maurice Jonas Woode, joined the Member of Parliament for the area, Alex Blankson, to launch the Green Ghana Project that will oversee the planting of over 9,000 trees in the district.

The Green Ghana initiative championed by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and the Forestry Commission is aimed at planting over 5 million trees across the country to preserve and protect the country’s forest cover

Mr. Woode revealed that the district has taken stock of 9,000 seedlings as well as 3,000 oil palm seedlings to be planted in degraded mining sites of the district as part of measures to restore forest cover in Akrofuom. He added that the district is also collaborating with Adansi Progressive Association (APA) to grow bamboo seedlings on the banks of the Jimi River to offer some protection.

A United Nations report under the Sustainable Development Goals, among other things, estimated that by 2050 more than half of the world’s population will live in water-stressed regions. In view of this, Mr. Woode cautioned: “If we do not protect water-bodies, it will be difficult for us to get water in future. This is part of the reasons why the president has initiated this project”.

On measures put in place to protect the seedlings once planted, the Akrofuom DCE said they will collect data of those who will access the seedlings.  With support from the Forestry Commission, he said, they will do a follow-up to ensure the plants are protected and properly maintained to achieve the project’s intended purpose.

The MP, Mr. Blankson, praised the president for the project that he believes will deal with climate change – which is a result of depletion and damage to the forests. He bemoaned the level of destruction to land and forest areas by illegal mining, but said the Green Ghana Project will help replace the depleted forest areas.

He pledged his support to sustainability of the project by ensuring that the seedlings given out are used for their intended purpose, nurtured and well-maintained. Chiefs, heads of department, and staff of the Forestry Commission were all present.

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