Poetry Corner: 31st MIGHT

Poetry Corner

By the might granted by the night

Many are called…

To pull one to pull all

To pull family and friends and all

To pull all wayward sons at the zero hour

…to attend

To pull all to pool the means to respond

…to the sound of a chapel bell

Many are called…

To rush over


Many are called…

To push to put on a full apparel

…a white regalia to a chapel

To adopt a white adornment to prove a fullness of holiness

Even from an emptiness of holiness

On a night full of pretences

…from some perennial pretenders

Many are called…

To dress over


Many are called…

To pull a bunch of branches of a chapel

…to travel

…to camp for a couple of Holy Days

To put a number of benches together

…to gather together

…to gather errant chapel attenders

To welcome them back from a year’s sabbatical

Many are called…

To remain over


Many are called…

To resolve to resort to do  new sort of things

…for better, not for worse

To confess to sins of the past

To plan a new session of abstinence

…in the new season

Many are called…

To turn over


Many are called…

To wave a goodbye to an old personality

…that just signed out

To smile a welcome to a new personality

…that just signed in

Many are called…

To change over


Many are called…

To pronounce aloud a prophetic sound

To sound like a prophetic storm

In the ears of many faithful hearts

For prophecy to follow them all year long

To fill faithful hearts all year round

To hurry to parry the scaring Dan Parry


“Oh sorry Sir

We were in a hurry to curry favour from the Ghost Holy”

Many are called…

To prophesy over


Many are called…

To make a big shout of hurray to say

…a new welcome

…to a new year’s day

…to a brand new way

To a new year after a midnight dream

Many are called…

To welcome over


Many are called…

To push the lost sheep to lose sleep

As they doze their way back into their comfort zone

To ride back on the old road to old ways

Many are called…

To backslide over



From singing over to shout over

From going over to start over

From walking over to run over

From jumping over to fly over

From crossover to takeover

All by the might of 31st night

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