What to expect from a mentor-mentee relationship


Real estate mogul Adrian Bo is a juggernaut. In addition to being a highly experienced agent and auctioneer, he is a podcast host, industry consultant, and coach and has developed a popular online training academy. Bo has more social media followers than any other real estate agent in Australia, with around 100,000 on Instagram alone.

Bo credits mentorship for his success – not just finding a good mentor, but also being one to his students. A mentor can be one of the most important and influential figures in your entire business career, hence the importance of this time-honored tradition. Here are the top ways a mentor can help one succeed.

As a teacher

Mentors can help you settle into a new job or work environment. They can explain unwritten “rules” and company culture to make you feel comfortable in the environment. They can also help you out with any mistakes you make, and these errors are to be expected from a new employee.

To develop skills

A mentor should see your skillset and identify areas where you need help. Sometimes, a person might not even realize they need to improve their organization or time management. These are critical skills in business; so, let a mentor help you hone them.

To create a plan

Sometimes, people don’t know where they want to go or how they want to grow with an organization. Bo credits mentors with helping employees come up with a long-term plan to give them purpose and direction.

To solve problems

If you run into a problem or complication on the job, your mentor is there to help. As this is usually an experienced individual, he or she will likely be able to walk you through the problem and present different solutions. These might include strategies they have utilized themselves.

To build a network

In the business world, networking is a must. Mentors can help you build your network, get you noticed, and introduce you to the upper echelons of your industry and others. You need to know the right people, and the sooner, the better. A mentor can be your guide to establishing your place in the business world.

Adrian Bo didn’t get to the top of his field without some help, and he credits mentors with helping him. In turn, he has taken up this role himself as Bo trains Australia’s next generation of real estate superstars.

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