Insurance College has proven unique qualities for the pursuit of dev’t – Commissioner of insurance


Dr. Justice Ofori, Commissioner of Insurance, National Insurance Commission has declared that the Ghana Insurance College, the nation’s premier, training institution has proven through its dedication to insurance training and education, that it holds unique qualities for the pursuit of development.

The commissioner spoke at the sword cutting ceremony for the commencement of work on the ultra-modern campus of the institution at Adamrobe, a suburb of Aburi in the Akwapim South Municipality of the Eastern Region.

Dr. Ofori revealed that, “the commencement of the construction of the ultra-modern campus has being a cherished dream of the college and today’s sword cutting ceremony brings that dream one step closer to being fulfilled. The real work starts today and we have to even work harder to achieve the dream”.

He expressed delight to the fact that “with the initiation of local chartership by the college and the commencement of other initiatives, the time is right for the college to deepen its root in the insurance sector”, he stated.

On his part, Richard Okyere, Director of GIC stated that the establishment of the new campus will foster and facilitate the training of insurance practitioners in the country.

According to him, the training edifice will address the challenges of the college and also serve as a training centre which will be of critical importance to the economy and Ghana’s insurance industry.

“With the absence of a fitting training edifice worthy for an important sector of our economy is the most worrying. Currently, the college occupies a few rooms within the NIC building which is woefully inadequate for a reputable college such as ours. It is therefore gratifying to witness this all-important event, the sword cutting ceremony for the construction of a world class Professional Training Centre, envisioned more than a decade ago”.

“When completed, the immaculate edifice will be a home of excellence for the advancement of best practice and cutting-edge professional insurance training centre serving Ghana and the West African Sub Region”, GIC elaborated.

The future of the Insurance College is bright and this will be the first educational set-up to turn out full insurance practitioners that will have a vision of savaging the economy from its woes when it comes to knowledge acquisition in the area of insurance practice, he pointed out.

Mr. Frank Aidoo, Municipal Chief Executive for Akwapim South, lauded the establishment of the new training edifice as a contribution to the development of insurance education and ensuring professionalism in the insurance space.

“As the Municipal Chief Executive every initiative by the college towards the development of the community and my municipality at large will have the full support of myself and the government. I support this project because it will create employment for the teeming youth of the country because it will uplift the image of this infant community and contribute to the nations per capital income and also bring Ghana to international pedestal by mentioning of the Insurance Hills”.

It will be recalled that GIC was established in 2006 by key stakeholders of the insurance industry which include; National Insurance Commission (NIC), Ghana Insurers Association (GIA), Insurance Brokers Association of Ghana (IBAG) and Chartered Insurance Association of Ghana (CIIG) with the vision to establish a centre of excellence for the advancement of best practice and cutting-edge professional competence within the insurance industry in Ghana and the West African Sub Region.

The GIC has so far turn out over 350 chartered insurers since its establishment and many of these professionals hold principal positions and other sectors of the economy.

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