Establish a Department of Customer Service—J. N. Halm tells Gov’t

Positive captivity…when the service is so good

Acclaimed service experience consultant, columnist and author, J. N. Halm has called on Government to consider establishing a Department of Customer Service.

He said this action, together with the appointment of a Commissioner of Customer Service, will be the clearest indication that the Government is serious about the quality-of-service delivery in the country.

The award-winning columnist made this call during a keynote speech he delivered at the National Customer Service Development Dialogue, held at the Tang Palace Hotel in Accra on 27th May, 2021.

Mr. Halm added that the establishment of the Secretariat of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) here in Accra meant that the country is held in high esteem across the continent, meaning the country has a high reputation to live up to. He stated the quality-of-service experience is one way by which the country is measured and thus the need for the Department of Customer Service.

He said such a department if placed at a vantage position such as under the Office of the President would not only possess significant resources but will send the strongest message to the country, and the world, that Ghana means business.

The National Customer Service Development Dialogue was organised by the Organisation for Customer Service Excellence-Ghana.

The occasion was also used to launch the Ghana Customer Service Council. The event was attended by representatives of various public sector bodies and chaired by Yvonne Ohui MacCarthy, of the Customer Service Professionals Institute. Other dignitaries present were Mr. Hector Wulff, the Convener of the Dialogue and Mr. Muniru Muktar, Head of Customer Service of GCB Bank Limited.

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