The Lake Club – a destination to savour


Ever thought of a top destination on the African continent travelers from across the world will visit and never want to leave? A destination that presents a sight to behold and provides visitors with an unforgettable experience; fill them with awe and energy, relax them and provide top notch adventure.

One will not have to look too far to find the perfect spot for that desired experience. It only takes a two-hour drive from the nation’s capital, Accra, to locate Lake Club (LC) Ghana inside Akosombo in the Eastern region of Ghana.

Lake Club can best be described as a paradise on earth, delivering a set of experiences that connect its guests to the natural settings of the Volta Lake with various watersports offerings. Also, there is a general focus on safety and customer service to defy the typical stereotypes of Africans and water.

Owned by a family of Ghanaian – born travel enthusiasts, Lake Club offers more than the current limited set of watersports in Ghana and takes guests on a journey of personal growth through education and immersion in new, fun and rewarding activities.

In addition, the clubhouse is meticulously designed to indulge guests in the local customs and culture of Akosombo, while delivering world-class food and drinks. Experiences available include rowing, wakeboarding, boat sailing, jet skiing and paddle boarding under the Adomi Bridge, Ghana’s longest suspension bridge.

Lake Club is scheduled to open to the general public in September 2021 with membership and non-membership access options. Non-members will enjoy all the experiences while membership includes additional exclusive events, complimentary benefits and access to an all-inclusive members lounge. Lake Club also has space to host large private events.

Tourism enthusiast have lauded the Lake Club project and its owners for deciding to create a top world class and desired destination to drive attention to the continent. They also commended them for making such a huge investment to develop Akosombo and build the capacity of the inhabitants of the community.

The team at Lake Club believes Ghana has the potential to rival many stunning destinations from Bali, Santorini, Maui to Lake Como. They are convinced with the needed development agenda and right investment, Akosombo which has the largest man-made lake in the world and rich in history and culture, will become a global hot spot.

The journey to transform Akosombo into a world-class travel destination to showcase its combined beautiful nature and serene community has just commenced.

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