World Day of the Boy Child 2021: JSA founder introduces goal setting book for boys


In commemoration of World Day of the Boy Child celebration held on May 16, 2021 at the Christ The King Hall in Accra, the founder of Junior Shapers Africa (JSA), Ethel Adjorlolo Marfo introduced her maiden Goal Setting Handbook for Boys. The handbook dubbed ‘Boys To Men Voyage Goal Setting Handbook’ is a must have personal development guide designed for African boys all over the world.

In the first edition being introduced this year, boys will be exposed to goal setting skills, values, etiquette, personal development, inspirational features and also some handsome rewards for outstanding efforts in a goal setting challenge. This special handbook will assist boys to become goal-getter champions in six months.

With the World Day of the Boy Child (WDBC) being observed in 23 countries this year on the theme: Guiding the Boy Child; Positively Impacting the World, the need for male child development is at an all-time high. The launch of this unique Handbook is directly in line with this year’s WDBC theme as it aims to guide our boys positively to make an impact in the world through the setting of S.M.A.R.T life goals.

Somewhere along the journey from boyhood to manhood, boys are socialized not to express their natural and spontaneous reactions to spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological pain, disappointment, and rejection. They are socialized to equate strength and masculinity with suppressing their natural and spontaneous reaction to pain, disappointment, and rejection; not asking for help and shunning vulnerability.

In actuality, vulnerability is about strength – it is about standing in front of another soul spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally naked. Some of these boys are suicidal, slowly descending into the deep dark abyss of depression, and consumed by low self-esteem and repressed emotions which is also affecting their education and upbringing. Unless proper interventions are made, these boys will mature into uneducated, unemployable, and unskilled men who will find it difficult to resist the pull of gravity towards illegal economic opportunities and abuse of others. (Source: WDBC 2021 organizers).

About the book:

The Boys To Men Voyage Goal Setting Handbook is Ethel’s gift to African male children and youth. This handbook is designed to shape up our future men to become goal-getters and world changers. It seeks to inspire them through empowering content, Godly values, and inspirational features to prioritize personal development as an essential part of their growth through goal setting skills.

The handbook also provides an opportunity for parents to bond better with their boys as they get to track their progress and identify their need areas. The Boys To Men Voyage Goal Setting Handbook is highly recommended for parents looking for result-driven content to stimulate a higher sense of responsibility in their young sons.

About the initiator & author:

Ethel Adjorlolo Marfo (BoysDocta_Ethel) is a trailblazing educator and a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIMG 2017) special award recipient for her contribution as a boys development advocate supporting boys through mentors, coaches and innovative learning platforms to address their silent struggles, discover their God given purpose as well as inspiring boys to become gender equality champions (SDG5).

Since September 2015, Ethel has been at the fore front of the ‘Raising Boys Right Advocacy’ with over 6000 beneficiaries from Ghana, Liberia and recently UK, USA and Thailand via virtual learning and private coaching. Ethel is highly concerned about boys not having an equal opportunity as girls when it comes to preparing them for manhood, marriage, and fatherhood including lack of opportunities to have their emotional problems addressed.

Ethel is married and blessed with three lovely daughters. Hitherto a Public Relations & Marketing professional spanning over 15 years in corporate Ghana. In 2015, she rediscovered her purpose as a social & educational entrepreneur. Ethel is highly passionate about innovative personal development capacity building for tomorrow’s men.

She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Innovation, seeking to upgrade teaching and learning outcomes at Junior Shapers Africa. The Boys To Men Voyage Goal Setting Handbook is her contribution toward securing a gender equal future for all through our future men.

According to Mrs. Marfo, JSA intends to impact the lives of boys in underserved communities across Ghana with over 10,000 free copies of the book. She looks foward to fruitful partnerships from public and private future minded investors to facilitate this mission through their resources.

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