Swiftly achieves record volumes, plans to enter French African markets


A logistics powerhouse from Ghana, Swiftly Global, is providing innovative solutions to key challenges facing the transportation industry.

According to the company’s CEO and Co-founder, Mr. Edem Dotse, he operates a unique business model that is tailored to meet every need of businesses shipping to and from Africa. “At the beginning, we were shipping 100kg for a whole year; but now we are doing over 500 metric tonnes per month” he stated.

Many businesses shipping out of Tema port use Swiftly Global, according to Edem: “Today the shipping industry is a battlefield, so we fight the hard battles and pass on the benefits to our customers. For this reason, businesses that cannot get a booking on a ship are able to get one when they come through Swiftly; not only that, but they also get it at a better price and with the quickest transit time.

Regarding LCL, he said his strategy maximises the usage of container space and enables customers to pay for exactly what they are shipping and not pay for any unused space.

“When you are shipping for instance five pallets, you don’t have to book a full container; we will take your five pallets and take from others as well. We will make it into a full container without wasting any space. We ship the whole thing, have it Custom-cleared and delivered to your doorstep. This model makes our prices unbeatable, because sharing shipping space means sharing shipping costs. Our solution is also environmentally friendly since it cuts down on C02 emissions,” he added

Swiftly has an online platform (www.swiftly.global) that operates round the clock, allowing customers to make shipping orders, book shipments and make payments online; making business transactions very easy.

He described Swiftly as a people-centric company, and said that is why they have a 99.9% customer retention rate. “Our customers come back to us again and again, and we are thankful for that,” he explained.

“As a logistics tech company, we accept orders from people and businesses around the world. We are part of a global network that boasts the biggest names in logistics, so we can execute projects worldwide. Our formula is very flexible, it is applicable in any part of the world. Over the next 5 years, Swiftly wants to introduce our logistics model to more countries and markets -especially French-speaking Africa.”

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