Dr. Jonathan Kaplan Discusses the Importance of Technology


Starting a new business can be tricky. For physicians, the issues could be even more intense. According to the National Business Capital and Services, approximately 6.5 million businesses launch yearly, but only a few of them manage to succeed. While this is a scary statistic, it comes down to how the business owners approach success.

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan sees success as being able to operate independently. However, he believes in concrete, understandable facts. Here, he helps physicians who want to learn more about opening a successful private practice.

Work for Someone Else First

Dr. Kaplan believes that unless a physician knows what they want to do and where they want to do it, they should work within a facility as an employed physician first. This employment offers several benefits, since the doctor won’t be responsible for closing up shop if they decide to move elsewhere.

They’ll also be guaranteed a paycheck and do not need to do their own private marketing. However, the downside is that the doctor will be accountable to the institution. After a few years, the learning curve as a doctor will likely start to flatten out. At that point, it’s easier to figure out what they’re good at doing and start setting up their own practice. The contacts from their time within the institution they worked for will be priceless in this early setup phase.

Utilize Technology

One of the things Dr. Jonathan Kaplan is noteworthy for bringing to the industry is a software known as BuildMyBod Health. The software suite takes customer satisfaction and cranks it up, making it more likely to retain customers and land new leads. He’s also been very active on his own social media. In an industry where visible results are the most impressive ones, Instagram has served him well. He advises new physicians to consider social media as a method of reaching out to consumers and getting to know them. That personal connection can count for a lot in the long run.

Branch Out to Other Things

Once someone is settled into their practice and their automation is up and running, they will find they have a bit of time for themselves. It would help if they used this time to challenge themselves and expand their intellectual horizons. Dr. Kaplan suggests doing things that push one to do more as a professional or learn something completely different. These practices allow for a reduction in stress and lower the incidence of physician burnout. For most doctors, trying to avoid this issue ends up leading to it instead. The only way to do so is to avoid excessive stress.

Remain Independent

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan realized early on that, as an entrepreneurial thinker, working for an institution stifled him immensely. This concern is substantial for other physicians considering throwing their hats into the ring as business owners. He states that physicians who want to open their own practices should look at fields that allow for more autonomy. It’s only by exploring one’s own skills can a doctor genuinely hope to make a meaningful difference in the world.

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