Testing for ship’s crew at ports remain strict despite seeming pandemic fatigue 

 Dr. Vitus Victor Anaab-Bisi speaking on Eye on Port 

The General Manager in Charge of Health Services at the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Dr. Vitus Victor Anaab-Bisi has emphasized that the Port Authority and its allied stakeholders remain stringent in the application of the standard protocols for crew embarkation and disembarkation at the ports of Ghana.

Responding to some reportage that circulated the media space suggesting that the ports have neglected testing procedures for ship’s crew, the Head of Health Services at GPHA refuted this assertion.

“Nobody has come, or nobody will come into our country through the ports without being screened. I think that statement attributed to the Member of Parliament is not factual and it is unfortunate,” he expressed.

Dr. Anaab-Bisi who is the also the Incident Commander of the Port Community COVID-19 Committee, said on the Eye on Port programme that its measures were in recognition of the important role the seaports could play in mitigating the spread or otherwise because the ports are indispensable to the nation’s economy.

He said the allied institutions at the ports participating in the enforcement of COVID-19 related protocols have been resolute in ensuring compliance since March 2020, despite some decline in adherence to the protocols nationwide.

The General Manager in Charge of Health Services disclosed that there are clear mandatory procedures for the reception of vessels, handling of crew embarkation and disembarkation at the seaports where the various stakeholders which are, the Port Authority, Port Health, the Shipping Agent, Ghana Maritime Authority and Ghana Airports Company Limited are compelled to follow the stipulated guidelines.

Dr. Anaab-Bisi said under no circumstance are crew of vessels, allowed into the country without testing and proper monitoring.

He revealed that the GPHA Clinic has since the advent of COVID-19, tested 796 crew members overall, with 14 recorded positive cases and no deaths.

He also said that, way ahead of the detection of the coronavirus in Ghana, the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority and its allied stakeholders had to be proactive in sensitising the Port Community for the imminent fight against the virus and that has proved to yield some positive results.

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