FanMilk launches NutriDay zinc fortified yoghurt


FanMilk, the leading producer of nutritious and refreshing milk and dairy-based food products, has launched its new product – NutriDay zinc-fortified yoghurt.

NutriDay contains Zinc, Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin which is crucial for the body. It also contains Vitamin A which contributes to good eyesight, and calcium which is essential for healthy muscles and strong bones.

According to the Managing Director of FanMilk Ghana, Mr. Ziobieton Yeo, FanMilk Plc places the best of products on the market, and they are not just ordinary but of world-class standard that fits into every market.

He added that the introduction of FanMilk Plc’s NutriDay Yoghurt is a contribution to healthy nutrition in this COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is our contribution to the fight against this pandemic, and also our contribution to healthy nutrition. It is not just fortified with Zinc but also Vitamin B5, B6 and Calcium,” he stated.

Mr. Yeo explained that NutriDay has been introduced in response to the increasing desire of people to eat healthy food within this pandemic.

Throwing more light on the new product, Dietician and Author Wise Letsa said the product is going to be an excellent vehicle for good nutrition, hence the need to appreciate Fan Milk Ghana.

He added that people are always on the search for products which can help keep their immune system strong within this pandemic.

He further stated that since Nutriday has most of the Vitamins and zinc, it will help transport the zinc element into the body – which will help build the immune system.

Mr. Letsa advised that all food products, and for that matter NutriDay, should be taken in a moderate way and not consumed in large quantities with the idea that it carries specific nutrients that are good for the body.


Fan Milk Ghana has been in existence since 1962, and is currently engaged in the production and distribution of high-quality, refreshing milk and fruit-based products. The company is the leading player in the frozen yoghurt, frozen flavoured milks and ice-cream categories, with beloved brands like FanYogo, FanChoco, FanIce, SuperYogo and GoSlo.

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