Foundation for special surgery to build Specialty Surgical Hospital


The Foundation for Special Surgery (FSS) is in the process of setting up a specialty surgical hospital to provide a world class surgery care in Ghana.

“The special surgical hospital will offer a fresh approach to delivering health care in a way that put patients and their families first whiles providing exceptional care”. The founder of FSS, Dr. Kofi Boahene has said.

The Ghanaian born American physician Dr. Boahene said the 87thosand square feet facility named the West Africa Institute for Special Surgery (WAISS), will also see some Ghanaian surgeons trained to provide complex surgical care adding that training surgeons locally by world experts is the way to sustainably improve complex surgical care in Africa.

He noted that with such facility in Ghana, people who need surgical care such as brain surgery and others but do not have money to travel around can easily save their lives.

“There is nothing better than being taking care of at home, very soon there will be no need for any Ghanaian to travel out for surgery, they will get a better care, compassionate care here and that’s what we want”. He added

He disclosed this at the ground breaking ceremony of the hospital in Accra.

Speaking about how the average income Ghanaian can access the facility, Dr. Boahene said his outfit will make sure that everyone who needs a lifesaving surgery could have access whenever.

“For things to be sustainable it has to make financial sense if it does not, it will start and later fizzle out, and if a service is not affordable nor reachable then it does not make any sense. We will make sure accessibility make financial sense to everyone” he added

Foundation for special surgery Board Members

We are pleased to reach this milestone in achieving the FSS vision. It has taken over 6 years of planning to get to this point. We are thrilled to see this high specialized surgical hospital come to fruition, Mr. Anthony Boateng the FSS Board member has said.

“We are looking at both side of the coin, I am looking at the economic benefits, it’s just not about saving livelihood, but the job opportunity it will as well create, the idea is to train the home grown talents, of course we will transfer some of the skills from the diaspora to the ground as well as improve our skill sets, we want to do something that is for us by us. And you know it not just doctors in the medical ward we have nurses, technicians, IT, and so on” he added

Doctor Patient Relationship 

Dr. Boahene said doctor patient relationship is a huge priority as his outfit is looking forward to work with to nurses, doctors, surgeons that will treat patients as they will treat their families.

He added that the hospital will be “Patient centered ,  culturally sensitive, functionally efficient while using the latest technology to improve quality”.

Foundation for special surgery (FSS)

The Foundation for Special Surgery is a non-profit humanitarian group.

Over the past 15 years, the foundation for special surgery (FSS) has been providing complex lifesaving and life-changing surgeries across Africa.

Specialize surgeons have demonstrated success in various country such as Nigeria, Liberia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Ghana. For the lucky few who have benefited from our expertise, it is proven that the surgical care provided has been transformative, FSS founder noted.

Further to this FSS is committed to sustainably improve highly specialized surgical care in Ghana and the West African sub-region.

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