Woodeck opens ultra-modern wood processing factory & showroom


…seeks funding support to penetrate international markets

Woodeck Company Limited, a wholly owned Ghanaian wood processing entity, has officially opened an ultramodern processing factory and showrooms to increase productivity and enhance quality of services provided to the citizenry.

According to management, the installation of efficient top-notch technology such as automatic edge banding, computer panel saw and circular saw machines, among others enhances the company’s ability to produce top quality products that can compete with any product from anywhere in the world, therefore with the appropriate funding support, it has the capacity to export to other countries.

Managing Director of Woodeck, Noble Mensah Fiagbenu, indicated that an assessment carried out on competitors shows that most of them, which are foreign owned, get support from their respective governments to produce on large scale, acquire the requisite machinery and promote skills development, hence their ability to penetrate different markets and so government must consider offering assistance to the company go global.

“We need a lot of monetary support to acquire more ultramodern equipment, diversify into production of different kinds of wood products and also train a lot more youth who will be gainfully employed to work for the development of the country.

The kind of funding mechanisms available are not favourable to industry, the interest rates are too high and on top of that, there are unnecessary delays with the processes, but we need a kind of support that can affect a wider size of the youthful population and that kind of support can best come from government,” he said.

He added that Woodeck currently employs about 50 people directly and is seeking to expand to employ more as a means of skills development and economic empowerment of the youth in the country.

Woodeck is specialized in furniture manufacturing, interior decoration & general construction, with an ultramodern processing factory locate at Spintex, and three showrooms located at Osu Oxford Street, Mallam-Kasoa road and on the Spintex Road.

Touching on prospects of the company and expansion plans, Mr. Fiagbenu, stated that the company has embarked on an assessment of market situations in neighbouring countries including Togo and Burkina Faso with keen interest of penetrating into those markets as Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) has eliminated some of the trade barriers.

Commenting on the competitive advantage of Woodeck in the market, he emphasized that their products are quality and elegance and comes in wide variety of designs, detailed superior craftmanship, and are durable.

He urged the public to choose locally produced products over foreign made to sustain businesses and help the local economy to grow. Adding that from refreshing bathroom to beautiful kitchen designs and functional rooms as well as professional office suits are all available at all Woodeck showrooms.

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