Zonda Tech opens new branch at Dzorwulu


Zonda Tech Ghana Ltd, the main agent for big automotive manufacturers in China, has opened a new branch at Dzorwulu, a suburb of Accra, aimed at bringing customer service to closer to its clients.

The new branch will primarily focus on sales, after sales services, and repairs of automobiles purchased at Zonda Tech. The new facility adds up to seven branches of the company and six other spare parts shop in the country.

Speaking at the launch of the event, Managing Director of Zonda Tech Ghana Ltd, Mrs. Yang Yang, expressed appreciation to the hard-working staff, clients, bankers, and government for their support which has contributed to the success of the company over the years.

She emphasized that the main objective of opening the new branch is to provide convenience to customers who previously had to travel to Tema for some basic services like purchasing of spare parts or vehicle repairs.

Mrs. Yang further pledged her company’s commitment to supporting the industrialisation agenda of government by extending its assembling plant, currently based in Tema, to other parts of the country.

Also speaking at the launch, Minister of Trade and Industry, Alan Kyerematen, also congratulated Zonda Tech for promoting the automotive industry in the country since its entry into the Ghanaian market.

He emphasized the need for a firm automotive sector in achieving the industrialisation agenda of the country, touting the benefits it will bring to the economy now and in the future.

“When we talk about vehicle assembly, it demonstrates to us that some of the powerful economies in the world are where they are because of industrialisation. And many of these powerful economies happen to become the leading manufacturers of automotive and vehicle trucks, and passenger cars.

So the start of the assembly industry in Ghana is pointing Ghana to a very bright future and hopefully, in the very near future, Ghana will become the hub for the vehicle and automotive assembly not only in West Africa but on the whole continent of Africa,” he said.

He further stated that government is committed to supporting the growth of the automotive industry as it has the potential to create jobs, enhance value addition to the country’s natural resources, and unlock other benefits to the economy.

“You would all agree with me that the number one challenge confronting us in our country is how we deal with the challenge of unemployment. Judging from the number of graduates who come out of our tertiary institutions each year, and adding those who also graduate from our senior high schools, nobody should tell you that unless we find lasting solution for dealing with the challenge of employment creation, we are going to have a very big problem in this country. And it is clear from the history of most of the advanced economies that industrialisation is the key to job creation.

It is also important because it is linked to the addition of value to our natural resource base. As a country, we have been sitting on a huge deposit of iron, manganese, bauxite without being able to add value. The government has now taken a very bold step that this is the time for us to convert our natural resources into value-added products and the development of the auto industry is going to be a major part of this process.

Again, we import over US$1.2 billion of vehicles and parts to our country every year. This is the leading import in Ghana. So unless we take concrete steps to start producing and using our own vehicles, machinery and equipment, we are still going to use all the foreign exchange resources to import this same product. So import substitution is one of the reasons why this is important,” he said.

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