#RespectTheReferee: Happy98.9FM champions rights of referees

Ohene Brenya Bampoe

Ghana’s revolutionary radio brand Happy98.8FM has masterminded a critical campaign in the history of modern day football in Ghana dubbed, ‘Respect The Referee’. The campaign which was birthed out of the increasing cases of assaults on referees being recorded in the game will be an educational and advocacy one.

The ‘Respect The Referee’ campaign will not only protect the rights of referees but will also educate sports fans on the processes and laid down procedures they can go through to seek redress in matches they consider ended with unfair officiating.

Happy98.9FM’s ‘Respect The Referee’ campaign, which kicked off on April 20, 2021 will last throughout the entire football season, with the education being carried on air and across the station’s (Happy98.9FM) social media assets.

Head of Sports, Odiasempa Kwame Oware pointed out that throughout the campaign period, “unique content will be shared weekly on our platforms to educate football administrators, supporters and players. They will be made aware of the dire consequences of hooliganism in our game and it will be reiterated that such acts are frowned upon.”

Coordinator of the campaign, Happy98.9FM’s Ohene Brenya Bampoe added: “Beating the referee is not answer to our problems but following laid down procedure is the way forward.”

He was quick to add that the campaign does not mean referees should not be held accountable for their actions. “The Respect The Referee campaign promotes justice. If the referee makes a wrong decision, he or she should not be harmed but the law must be allowed to deal with them.”

The Respect the Referee programme is an educational and advocacy campaign to educate the fans and public on the laws of the game. Its main target is to educate the public on the need to desist from assaulting referees during and after games.

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