AirtelTigo: Putting customers at the heart of everything we do

Director of Customer Experience at AirtelTigo, Mr. Frank Djan

In less than six months, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate and people live, particularly in the usage of mobile phones.

Mobile phones have become a lifeline for many. A significant number of mobile phone users use their phones in new ways – people are choosing to pay for goods and services with their phones through mobile financial services and Apps instead of touching cash.

With the adoption of working-from-home by many companies, there is an increasing use of mobile phones by people for virtual meetings through either video or audio channels. Clearly, the experience and service companies provide during this testing time of change is critical.

One company in the telecom sector that understands this importance and has been putting customers at the heart of everything it does and actively seeks their views to ensure it meets their changing needs is AirtelTigo.

The Director of Customer Experience at AirtelTigo, Mr. Frank Djan, said the culture of customer obsession is at the core of AirtelTigo’s DNA, adding that: “The voice of the customer is an integral part of what we do. This is done religiously during our day to day interactions with customers across different channels, gathering insights on how to further enhance their experience.”

“We believe that if we understand what our customers want, we can provide them with tailor-made products and services, and ultimately offer a better experience,” he noted.

Though its consumer obsession is a continuous engagement, he explained that the company has over a period of time introduced unmatched initiatives to make sure customers get the best service experience in the market.

No expiry

One of the biggest pain-points for consumers is losing unused data due to invalidity. “Through feedback and in our quest to make life simple for our customers, we launched Big Time Data Bundles with no expiry, the first in the telecom industry,” Mr. Djan remarked.

Free Morning Calls Offer

Ghanaians love to talk with their loved ones and business partners in the morning. Based on this customer insight, the company introduced ‘Free Morning Offer’ to give new and existing customers free AirtelTigo to AirtelTigo calls from 5am to 10am every day for six whole months.

Personal Identification Number (PIN) Reset

Customers have several online accounts to access on a regular basis. From online bank accounts to social media log-in details and keeping track of all the passwords, it can become a bit of a challenge.

So, to help reduce the burden and make life easier for customers, AirtelTigo is empowering customers to reset their own PINs conveniently and securely with comfort through *110# “without visiting our shops or calling the Contact Centre”. Customer can also reverse wrong person to person (P2P) transactions sent to other AirtelTigo numbers.

*111# – One stop shop

In today’s digital society, customers are constantly being inundated with new numbers: telephone numbers, short codes and more. “At AirtelTigo, we do not want our customers to add short codes to the list of things to remember.

“We have created a simple and memorable short-code – *111# – which is a one-stop-shop for our customers to access all products and services.”

Flexi Business

There is no denying that telecoms play an important role for businesses, particularly SMEs. To meet the needs of SMEs and corporate firms, AirtelTigo recently launched ‘Flexi Business’ for enterprises to customise their voice and data packages based on their specific needs. The offer is flexible to enable businesses achieve optimal business results.

“On the occasion of Customer Service Week, we reaffirm our commitment to our customers. For us, every day is a Customer Service Day,” concluded Mr. Djan.

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