Ashfield Investment Managers – A breath of fresh air for our investment climate


Licensed Fund Managers must prove their value to the economy by working with the Government to accelerate the country’s Post-Covid recovery, says Ben Ewusie, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Ashfield Investment Managers Ltd (AIM). This will also help rebuild the confidence required for the sector after a period of turbulence.

Over the past couple of years, the investment landscape in Ghana has seen an overhauling of sorts following events leading to the investment sector cleanup in November 2019 by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC has introduced new licensing, minimum and risk-based regulatory capital adequacy requirements to improve the liquidity and solvency positions of securities firms.

Ashfield Investment Managers Ltd (AIM) has been a beacon of stability in the sea of uncertainty, helping to allay the fears of investors. The company which is duly licensed by the SEC to engage in the provision of fund management, investment advisory and corporate financial services offers services across three (3) broad areas of Institutional & Corporate Fund Management, Private Wealth and Specialized Fund Management. The investment firm leverages the rich experience of its team across various asset classes and a myriad of industries.

The CIO of AIM, Benjamin Ewusie said the company is poised to be a major conduit between the capital markets and the real economy through the use of its specialized funds, whilst also providing a diversified asset class for investors.

“Over the last five years, the company has built a stealth but solid bond with its clients by ensuring the security and safety of investor funds and concurrently providing market beating returns.” On the basis of this performance we were mandated to take over three funds last year – the Freedom Fund, McTrust Unit Trust and the Gold Money Market Fund.

In the medium term, we are working with DFI’s and other partners to launch our specialized funds that will target real sectors and help to promote Sustainable and Green Funding in Ghana. AIM seeks to mobilise and deploy capital in strategic sectors that drive Ghana’s economic recovery.

AIM is a firm believer in technology, data and people and harnesses the best available to deliver sharper insights and smarter investing for its clients. The ultimate objective is to help each investor meet their investment goals.

The wealth of experience of the AIM team enables the firm to make sound decisions based on the data available from local and international sources – including local and global economic indices, industry performance, stock market and fixed income market data as well as market trends.

The team has a combined experience of 62 years in money management and capital market activities covering multiple asset classes including Equities, Fixed Income, Real Estate and Derivatives. The Equities team includes analysts recently top ranked by Bloomberg and traders that have become money managers.

Collectively, the team has raised over GH¢40 million in equity capital for SMEs; GH¢20 million for successful IPOs and have been involved in equity transactions for Ecobank, PBC, Calbank, GOIL, IIL, CPC and BOPP. to name a few; and executed over GH¢4billion in trades on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE). The Fixed Income team has been involved in raising over GH¢100 million in debt for local based SMEs; executed over GH¢1 billion bond trades in government securities; and structured many private corporate bonds.

AIM’s assets under management (AUM) cuts across individuals, groups and investment clubs to Provident Funds, Endowment Funds, and Pension Funds.

The Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Grace Quaye, explained that the Ashfield team is driven by their ‘I A MM’ mantra: I for a focus on the clients investment goals, A for the selection of the right assets to match the goals with reasonable risk-return expectations and the double M that focuses on maintaining perspective and minimizing costs to the client.

Ms. Quaye further explained that Ashfield has been on a sustained growth journey since take off in 2016. In the turbulence and uncertainty of 2019, Ashfield was one of the few fund management companies of renown that maintained a stable business and achieved moderate growth in the ensuing industry crises.

Consequently, Ashfield undertook a corporate and brand refresh as well as a take-up of collective investment schemes in 2020 to drive further growth. “Our doors are fully open and we are ready to lead the new school of investing in Ghana,” said Ms Quaye.

Ashfield Investment Managers (AIM), presents a fresh perspective in the investment space in Ghana, working diligently to prove to investors that they are “with you for a better tomorrow.”

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