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Finding a new path and exploring new things is very important in our everyday life, ranging from food, places, culture, nature etc. Explore with JB is a new challenge as compared to what I am known for – a staunch advocate for a sensible drug policy.

But who says change is not acceptable in our part of the world? It is a beautiful step with a lot of butterflies due to the iffy times ahead, but I will be taking you through exciting moments wherein we explore together amazing stuff both in Ghana and around the globe.

Today, we will be taking time in the baking world where we learn the basic recipe for a vanilla cake.

Our baking therapist is Miss Portia Agyekum. She is the CEO of Cakes by Mispee, which is a professional bakery company located at Taifa close to the Sensel School in Ghana, They specialise in home-made pastry and bakery products for all.

Below are the recipes, items and procedures for making a vanilla cake. 

Vanilla cake recipe 


Flour 250g

Sugar 150g

Butter 250g

Milk 100g

Eggs 5

Baking powder 1tbs

Flavors 2tbs(vanilla)

Here are the items needed to make your yummy cake

Mixing bowl

Measuring cups and spoons

Stand mixer or hand mixer



8-inch pan

Metal Sieve

Skewer or toothpick



Step 1: Dust your 8-inch pan with flour and butter

Step 2: Preheat oven between 250° to 300°

Step 3: Measure all ingredients

Sugar 150g

Milk 100g

Butter 250g

Flavor 1tbs

Flour 250g

Baking powder 1tbs

Step 3: Combine all dry ingredients, flour and baking powder and mix together.

NB: In your mixture, combine sugar, butter and flavor. Mix for two minutes.

Then mix again on a high speed for about 3 minutes till light and fluffy, and scrape the sides of the bowl to make sure everything is well-mixed. In three parts, alternate the flour with baking powder and eggs, starting with the flour; then mix on a low speed.

Scrape the sides of the bowl again, then add the first part of the eggs and repeat the procedure till flour and eggs are done.

Scrape the sides of the bowl and add the milk, and continue mixing on a low speed for 30 seconds.

Then pour the mixture into your dusted pan. Tap the pan to bring out the air bubbles in the mixture.

Then bake for 35minutes until a skewer inserted comes out clean from the mixture.

TALAAAA!!! Our yummy vanilla cake is READY!

Please allow to cool on a cooling rack, and the gently wrap it tightly with cling-film and store in the fridge or freezer.

Your vanilla cake can go with some chilled juice and/or drink of your choice.

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